Friedrichshafen 2019 Accomodation / SOTA Dinner / Group Activation

I know this sounds very early however with the changed dates for Friedrichshafen in 2019, (June 21-23) accomodation is filling up very early.

I have decided to use the same hotel that I used last year being relatively close to the Hoechsten summit and far enough out of Friedrichshafen not to cost an arm and a leg.

This year I booked the hotel through but it appears they will no longer use from the end of the year as trying to book a room at the Gasthof Zum Goldenen Kreuz in Wilhelmsdorf in 2019 returns the “no rooms available for your dates” message, when that is not true.

So I checked out the website at and then contacted them via email and was able to get a room. Three other Hams from Northern England have also now booked in and the number of rooms available are now limited (I think they only have a total of 7 rooms available).
Only double rooms with double (not Twin) beds are available at €78 per night for the room (whether it has one or two people in it) including breakfast(s).

So if anyone wants to “join the group” then you probably should book soon.

This is the hotel where we had the SOTA Dinner this year and unless someone organises somewhere else in 2019, I’d stay with this as the food is good and reasonably priced and for those staying at the hotel it’s not far after drinking a couple of beers to get to bed HI.

73 Ed.


A couple of the guys who were to travel over from the UK have unfortunately had to cancel, so if anyone is still looking for accomodation for the HAM RADIO 2019 at Friedrichshafen, this hotel may still have two rooms free - but be quick!

This is also where I will hold the SOTA Dinner this year again after last year got such good reports from those attending. The hotel is only a 10 minute drive away from DM/BW-854 Hoechsten - a nice easy drive-up SOTA summit. It’s about a 35-40 minute drive from the show. The staff is friendly and the breakfast very good. Add to that the room prices are a lot better than closer in to Friedrichshafen.

73 Ed.

AND - the hotel is now back in;sid=c79a58e653dd41410e02da0037d6e5c8;all_sr_blocks=18464101_99259236_0_1_0;checkin=2019-06-21;checkout=2019-06-23;dest_id=-1888340;dest_type=city;dist=0;hapos=1;highlighted_blocks=18464101_99259236_0_1_0;hpos=1;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;sr_order=popularity;srepoch=1545655422;srpvid=7621597f0b2200f8;type=total;ucfs=1&

Hi Ed,

Booked already last week for the respective Friday there. I guess/hope it will be again Friday evening?

Congrat for the SOTA Sherpa award 2018 :+1:

73 Joe

Hi Joe,
Still haven’t decided Friday or Saturday - if you can only make Friday, it’ll be Friday! Both nights are OK with me.

Tnx for the congratulations, I’m still amazed that it happened - it’s simply a very nice feeling that others think one is worthy of the praise. It means a lot to me.

73 Ed.

OK, I already have people confirmed they will be coming to the dinner - my guess is that we’ll be about 20 people in all on the evening as we were in 2018.

For your advanced planning, I’ve decided we’ll have the SOTA dinner at the same place as in 2018 at the Landgasthof “Zum Goldenen Kreuz”, Burgweiler Straße 2, 88271 Wilhelmsdorf/Pfrungen from 18:30 local on Friday 21st June.

With any luck, it’ll be a nice day and we can be outside (in a covered area) to enjoy the evening air.

73 Ed.


I plan to join the dinner.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Hi Ed…
tks fer info…

Peter ON4UP and me, Franz ON9CBQ,
we are planning to join the dinner.

73 de Franz ON9CBQ / DL3RBF

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As said in PM, I’ll be there for the dinner and local activations :laughing:

As this will be the fifth time that we have had the SOTA Dinner at FN, the theme will be FIVE.

Bring something along to present if you wish, to do with “FIVE”.

5 Suggestions:

  • A list of your five all time favourite activations, with pictures,
  • Your five most important things you take with you to an activation,
  • Your 5 most memorable QSOs as chaser or activator,
  • Your 5 most usefull programs, Apps or websites (or mixed) that help you in SOTA.
  • List your favourite 5 MT members and tell why they are your favourites.


After a brief mail conversation with Ed I decided to come for this meeting/ event. I booked the recommended gasthof Kreuz Pfrungen.
Cheers, Jaan

Hi Ed,
I will also join the dinner with my xyl.

Laurent de F8CZI

Hi Ed
If any room left I would like to join in at the dinner with my xyl.


Hi Paul, for the dinner, no problem, still a few places left.

I presume you have your accomodation sorted out?

73 Ed.


I’d like to join the dinner as well.

Fortunately I secured accommodation previously


I’ve had acknowledgements via PM, email and on this thread - to make sure I haven’t missed anyone - if you are not in the list below, can you let me know again please:

Heinz OE5EEP + 3 other hams
Michael DB7MM
Peter ON4UP & Franz ON9CBQ
Steve G1INK + 1
Laurent F8CZI + XYL
Paul M0PLA + XYL
Paul W6PNG + 2 (one ham K0BBC + wife)
Sylvia OE5YYN + Peter OE5AUL (Special dog cuisine to be served to Kimo in the camper van HI)

73 Ed.

Dinner Details:
SOTA Dinner 2019 - at the same place as in 2018 - the Landgasthof “Zum Goldenen Kreuz”, Burgweiler Straße 2, 88271 Wilhelmsdorf/Pfrungen from 18:30 local on Friday 21st June table for 20 booking confirmed. We have 23 at the moment - I will contact the restaurant and warn them that we could be up to 25 - I do not expect any problems.
Everyone pays their own food and drinks.

Menu here: Speisekarte 2022 - | Landgasthof, Restaurant, Biergarten, Ferienwohnungen, Gästezimmer, Vermietung in Wilhelmsdorf/Pfrungen (use Google translate or similar if you can’t read German).

P.S. Don’t forget “Something about 5” - no prizes - just some fun.
P.P.S. It is possible that some attendees will wish to take photos or videos - if you do not wish to be photographed please ensure the photographer knows, otherwise it is assumed that taking of photos (for non-commercial use) is agreed to by all.

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Hi Ed,

The call sign of Franz is ON9CBQ/DL3RBF.

73, Peter ON4UP

thanks corrected

Hi Ed,

Please count us in for the dinner as well :smiley::smiley:

Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL (Kimo will have his dinner in the camper van)


Bring something along to present if you wish, to do with “FIVE”.

OE5YYN & OE5AUL :rofl::joy:

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