FN Ham Radio 2022 Tour(s)

Good morning

I thought I would start a thread here for anyone driving to Friedrichshafen to indicate their likely activity when driving to and from the 2022 show, to be held on June 24/25/26th. Starting with my tour with Victor GI4ONL here is our outline provisional plan for our road trip. We are hiring a small car in Prague and staying in cheap hotels…

Tues June 21: Arrive Prague - too late for SOTA activation due to flight alterations
Weds June 22: OK/PL-090 (OL15SOTA & OK8VM calls) > DM/BM > DL/BE area (4 summits)
Thurs June 23: DL/AM > DL/AL arrive Gasthaus Stock, Friedrichshafen 1900 local (4 summits)
Fri June 24: 100% attendance at show NO SOTA
Sat June 25: Attend show, leaving at 1600 local to activate DL/AL-272 on way to hotel in Bollstenang
Sun June 26: DL/AL area (5 summits)
Mon June 27: DM/BM area (5 summits)
Tues June 28: DM/BM area (4 summits)
Weds June 29: DM/BM area (3 summits)
Thurs June 30: DM/BM area (2 summits)
Fri July 01: OK/PL area (2 summits)
Sat Jul 02: OK/PL-035 (Also OK/ST-021 if time) 1 or 2 summits OL15SOTA & OK8CDX calls

Also - asking for a friend - are you a UK SOTA activator looking for a one to two week road trip from UK to the Ham Radio Friedrichshafen doing SOTA en-route and also staying in cheap hotels? I know an activator looking for a navigator to share his car and the cost of travel. Please reply via PM message to me or via my QRZ.COM email address and I was provide more details. Must be an easy going person that gets on well with anybody.

73 Phil


Hi Phil,

Together with my wife we are going to Paris for our younger grandson baptism.
By our way are scheduled to activate some summits in DM/TH & DM/HE.
The above is scheduled for June 30 and July 01.
CU on S2S I hope :wink:

73, Jarek


Hi all,
We’re coming to FN via FL/VO and DM/BW region, and returning via DM/HE and LX/LX.
Since I’m joined by the YL now, gone are the days I can do 4 or 5 summits a day :frowning:
But hey, now I will finally have to behave like a ‘normal person’ and visit some tourist places I have skipped in the past, because they were not on a summit … :slight_smile:

Provisional schedule:
June 19: FL/VO-056 & FL/VO-060
June 20: FL/VO-080 (maybe also FL/VO-001)
June 22: DM/BW-008
June 23: DM/BW-101
June 25: Hamradio & SOTA meeting, and we’re open for a SOTA Dinner somewhere
June 26: DM/BW-348 & DM/BW-854
June 27: DM/BW-484
June 29: DM/HE-314 (or DM/HE-102)
June 30: LX/LX-005
That would still be 10 summits, not bad compared to the 20 summits I did during my last trip to FN in 2019, hi.

Hope to see a lot of SOTA friends in person or on the air!


We are planning a “mini Sota” Tour from Italy, with Luca Iz0Fyl and Maurizio Iu0Ktt just from 23 to 26th June, i will put some update here

73 And IW0HK

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I am also planning to do some activations on my way to FH … but just doing one summit per day.

I will be at the HamRadio on Friday and Saturday …

73 Martin, OE5REO


My plan is to stay in Lindau (on Bodensee) from Saturday, June 18th, till Saturday , June 25th, and then in Levico Terme (South Tirol) till June 29th. In addition to normal person’s activities (as Luc put it above), I’m thinking about a number of SOTA activations, weather and time permitting. In any case, I hope to be at the Fair all day on Friday and till the end of the announced SOTA session on Saturday. I look forward to meeting many of you over there…