FL/VO from 4/9 - 8/9. F/AB-001+I/VA-002 from 11/9 - 19/9


tomorrow I wil go to La Bresse. I wil activate some ( 2 or 3 a day ) FL/VO summits until 8 september. 8 september I wil travel to Chamonix. I will activate there first some “easy” F/AB summits. From 11 - 19 september I will go with an expedition and climb the Gran Paradiso and at last the Mont Blanc.
I’m not sure if I have time to activate one of the last SOTA’s. Because I’m in a group as an expedition. And I don’t want to slow-down the expedition.
In FL/VO, and the first 3 days in F/AB, I will use my KX3 - QRP - CW and Hyendfed. Mainly 40 and 20 meters.
For the Gran Paradiso and the Mont Blanc I will try to carry my FT1XD. And hope to make some contacts on 2 meter. But all is vy uncertain because of the expedition.

73, Tonnie - PA9CW


Hi Tonny,
From the summit of Mont Blanc with my handy ID51, i did qso Roma, Italia small antenna UHF.
So you will not have difficulties using VHF handy.
Good Luck and take care.
Gerald F6HBI

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Hi Tonnie,

Tnx QSO today, I hope S2S tomorrow :wink:

73, Jarek

Today I made 21 QSO’s from FL/VO-110.


yes I will try it on 2 meters. What would be a good QRG? Call on 145.500 ?


Thanks for QSO today. Tomorow I will try my 30 meter antenna. Because my signal on RBN was not hard. Maybe antenna is not good.
So hope for a S2S.

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Hi Tonnie,
It is difficult to say witch QRG, the band is mostly occupied by digipeater (like RRF and other C4FM…ect ect). 145.500 should be fine, but, as you will be at 4800m asl, you will be probably able to ear many station very far! May be you can put an alert for 145.500; some of the F or HB9 stations will be strong enought to go over the DX qrm!
When i was there 4 years ago the temperature was -5c and the wind 45km/h; depending on the battery you use, keep your handy warm. Some NIMH did’nt like freeze and unable to give voltage!!!
73 Gerald F6HBI


Thanks for the info.
And Yes It can be vy cold for the batteries, on the top In the cold and wind. But I will try it.

Thanks all chasers today!

I have activated:
Vy nice wx and made a lot of S2S QSO’s on 30 meter from FL/VO-087. In totall 58 QSO’s.
On FL/VO-018 I called for almost 45 minutes, but only 16 QSO’s. No takers.
Tomorrow again 3 tenpointers, if all is going well.

  1. Tonnie - PA9CW

Today I activated:
A lot of walking miles today. On two summits there where a lot of walkers/hikers. All asking what I was doing. One couple made a lot of pictures and I gave them a QSL card with my email. Because they wanted to send me the pictures. What a nice people!

I made 91 QSO’s. Mainly on 30 meters.

Tomorrow I will try to start with FL/VO-001. And then, if all is okay, another 2 or 3 summits.

Tnx all chasers. CU.

73, Tonnie - PA9CW


Hi Tonnie,

Tnx S2S yesterday (SP9MA/P) and today (OK8MA/P) :wink:

73, Jarek

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It sounds so great !
I wish you a real good luck Tonnie.
I will try to catch you.
On FL/VO summits, nothing but I was behind your pile-up.
73 QRO

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Today I activated:
On Le Grand Ballon de Guebwiller, there was a strong and vy cold wind. And only 3G and sometimes none. So I called for a while without a spot. After all I made 21 contacts in almost one hour. Thanks F5JKK for spotting me!
After a few hours, the temperature went up to about 14 degrees. Much better for SOTA.
All and all I made 97 QSO’s and walked about 12 km today.

Thanks all chasers

Tomorrow I will drive to Chamonix. On my way I will try to activate FL/VO-066 in the morning.

73 Tonnie - PA9CW


Yesterday I activated :
It was vy nice. On top of the summit there was a picnic table. And beautiful sunny wx. So I had a nice run of 31 QSO’s.
After that I drove to Chamonix.

Today I will try to activate
F/AB-427 and F/AB-362

73, Tonnie - PA9CW

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Hi Tonnie

You mean F/AB-427 and F/AB-362 :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
73 Éric


Just a test :wink::crazy_face::joy:


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Today I only activated :
SOTA F/AB-362, Le Prarion 1969 meters high. There was no time left for F/AB-427.
I had a nice number of 26 QSO’s.
This was probably one of the toughest SOTA ever. I started from Les Toilles at 1140 meters. Then hiked 5.5 kilometers to an altitude of 1969 meters. So it climbed 839 meters. That is about 6.6%. Upstairs it was windless and nice and sunny. Unfortunately only 6 points. But what a view. Broken, but enjoyed it.


Tomorrow I will try to activate F/AB-314, L’Aiguillette des Posettes - 2201m, 8 points. Again a long walk and a lot of altitude meters.
If all is okay. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not so good. We’l see.

73, Tonnie - PA9CW

Thanks all chasers. I had a good run. Made 51 QSO’s. That’s a hell of a lot. But it was vy good on the summit. Almost no wind and sunny, about 17 degrees.
I started from Le Tour at 1480 meters. Then walked 4.5 kilometers to an altitude of 2201 meters. So it climbed 721 meters. That is about 6.2%. Upstairs there was almost no wind but vy sunny. Been upstairs for over an hour. And a lot of fun.

I tried 145.500 but no respons.


Hi Tonnie,
Nice to work you. Signals where not strong and your CW is way too fast for me but we made a few QSO’s.
73, Erwin PA7N

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Your signals where vy strong. Thanks for the QSO’s.

73, Tonnie - PA9CW.

Today activated F/AB-475. Barme Rousse - 1463m, 2 points.
Walk was only 3 kilometer. Easy summit with only 200 high-meters.
I stayed for 70 minutes and made 47 QSO’s.

Thanks all chasers

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