Fixing logged errors

I noticed today that I have made two errors in the logs.
Somehow I have ,0vaz as my call sign and m0vaz (a space before the M) in anothe log.
Can these be fixed by an admin or do i need to delete and re-add the log?


Delete and start again. It’s easy to do. :slight_smile:

That was my first thought.

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Best bet is to use an free app such as Saisie SOTA (by F6ENO - other apps are available) to produce a CSV file to import into the database. Then if you have made an error somewhere in the log file the already submitted database log can be deleted. That orginal log can be edited in the app, the error corrected and the file resubmitted. If you decide to use Saisie SOTA I can supply an up to date names file so when you submit your log most of the christian names of the operators will also show in the comments column on the database, if you wish to turn that option on.

73 Phil


Saisie SOTA is great. But if you still have your dodgy log on the system all you need is your favourite text editor.

Download your old log for the activation from your activation log page.

Open it in a text editor and simply run through a search-and-replace operation to correct your call sign. If you go through the motions of csv file upload you should get as far as seeing the QSO table for the activation, with everything flagged as a dupe. If now you’re happy everything looks fixed up just back out, delete the old log and do the upload for real. The easiest way to zap the old log fully, in case you had any S2S, is with the Manage Uploads page.


Thank you. I sort of assumed in my reply the original log had been uploaded as a csv file and it was therefore easy to amend it resubmit. Of course if it was submitted a QSO at a time this option isn’t open until you download the csv file as you describe.

I must have a look at Saisie SOTA. So far I’ve just been manually creating the csv file in Excel but it can throw me at times. I entered a file recently where the summit reference was G/DC-008 which I entered in the first line. I then copied this cell and pasted it into the lines below. I didn’t notice Excel decided the summit references should read G/DC-009, G/DC-010, G/DC-011 and so on! But the database spotted this after uploading - no such summit it shouted at me. :slight_smile:

My favourite PC logging app for SOTA has been SOTA CSV Editor (from Stewart G0LGS) for several years. It is straightforward to use and does some nice things like auto capitalisation of fields that should be in capitals - call sign, SOTA summit etc. Once you have entered something in a field in one entry, you can tab over it if it’s the same in the next one etc. etc. It does have a summits list so that it can display the summit name but apart from that, it’s a basic data entry program that simply works!

73 Ed.


Hi Ed, @DD5LP

How you put reports (RS or RST) on SOTA CSV Editor (Stewart @G0LGS) for import also on your Logging Software ?
I know Activator log don’t use reports when you upload your log on !

73, Éric

Edit : There aren’t any column for that

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For post activation login, I use Fast Log Entry by DF3CB.
Once you’re familiar with it, it rocks…

73 Patrick

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Thanks for all the logging tips/app suggestions - I will take a look at these.
I have since deleted and re-entered my incorrectly logged entries.

If it’s only 1 or 2 chases in error then that is probably the quickest fix.

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Which it was.

Is there a way to delete a single QSO in an activation that was logged using a CSV file?
I mean other than deleting the whole upload and uploading a corrected file?

73 de Martin / HB9GVW

General question in this context: Anybody knows how to specify a RS / RST in an ADIF file?

73 de Martin / HB9GVW

Hi Martin,

My question was about add RS/RST on CSV file down loaded from
to be able to use them in my own logging program…
I know for Adif file,

73 Éric

No. There may be one day. But for now the way to do it if you have a CSV is to first fix the CSV, then delete the activation log (use manage uploads to ensure no S2S or chaser logs get missed) and re-upload. If no CSV then download a copy first and repeat the previous.

Hi Eric,

RS / RST is not required for the SOTA database. SOTA CSV is a specific tool for SOTA usage, not a general logging tool. I use good old pen and paper for “real” logging!

73 Ed.

Hi Martin,
Single chaser entries in a chaser log can be deleted on-line and re-entered but not entries in an Activator log - that has to be completely deleted and replaced.
73 Ed.

Merci beaucoup, Éric.
I will use this for QRZ ADIF uploads.

73 de Martin / HB9GVW

Thanks to you and MM0FMF for the fast reply.

73 de Martin / HB9GVW