Fisrt SOTA activation

Hello all

This Sunday I will be on air with my friend Alf EA4R in my very first sota activation. We will try FM and linear Satellites in SSB and CW , VHF FM and some HF bands also in SSB and CW modes.

I will be happy to write you down in my log but please be patient it will be my first time… Who will be the first QSO??

Thnaks and 73’s!


I would concentrate on trying to do one thing on a first activation. Good luck!

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Good luck Ricardo. I’ll keep an ear open for you.

Nice callsign to hear in CW !!


I’m not pretty new in activations. Yes it is my first sota, but I think that I’m an experienced field operator, Mouro Island, Some spanish trig points, some new squares on Satellites. We are two hams climbing a little mountain to spend two hours or more in some modes… Thanks for your tips but I think that we can handle this!!!

Hope to hear you in the pile-up!


Thanks David,

Hope to hear you too…

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I will chase you :wink:

Rick EA4M/P is now on air from SOTA and he has already got a successful QSO with a HB0 station through the CAS4B satellite.
He said he will very soon be CQing though the CAS4A SAT around 145.870 phone.



Nice signal on 20m, 30m and 40m CW :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Tks new summit Ricardo, nice activation !
73 Éric

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Same here Ricardo !
73 QRO and welcome in the madness world: SOTA FEVER !

Glad to be on your log!
73 Fabio


Que Dios reparta suerte hoy.

I missed the early activity (bed lying) but with a lengthy activation we made the log later on 40m CW. A mega first activation from Ricardo using multi-multi modes - plainly a man of great talents, a true “all rounder”!

73 Phil G4OBK


Thank you guys but this activation would never have been possible without the help of EA4R Alf, he brings all the HF equipment ( FT-817 plus Dipole for 40-20 and 30 meters and fishing rod with ropes and all the stuff) and I bring two FT-817 plus arrow antenna.

It was an easy climb , despite of my vertigo but was funny and fast. We spent almost 3 hours on the top but the heavy temperatures in our area make us go down fast and wet.

Thanks to HB0TR the first QSO on CAS4-B satellite and to IK2LEY my first QSO in HF 20 CW. My first SSB in HF was EA2CE and the first one in CW on SAT was EA2LU a very special contact for me!!!

Thanks to everyone, I will post a short description of our activation with some pictures later in a new post.

73’s de Rick EA4M