First german S2S on 6m today

Today Pom, DG7ACF and I are planning the first DL S2S on 6m. It will certainly work, because the summits are only about 50km away.

But maybe there are others at 6m in the mountains and at home.

On this occasion I quickly built a dipole for myself. DL1CR 6m dipol build in 1h - YouTube

We will also be on shortwave qrv and try a double activation - 2 summits and 2 activators on the same frequency.

73 Chris


I`ll be on DM/NS-129. When do we want to start?


Alert posted for 1030z.
DL1CR/p will be on DM/NS-163, DG7ACF/p on DM/NS-129. We will share the same frequency on 50 MHz, probably also on HF.
Hoping for some nice Es qsos.


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Good luck, Chris and Pom!

Sporadic E activity looks already promising.
And - by the way - I have to withdraw my statement from earlier this week.
BNetzA confirmed what Pom had mentioned:
The deployment of a SOTA station on a summit with mast, antenna etc. can be considered ‘temporarily fixed’ (while operating from a car or with a HT is not).

73, Roman


Thank you both for the activation at 6 meters, you are both in my log!

73 Thomas

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The first S2S worked. Unfortunately we didn’t have any conditions, but Tom, DC5LY could be heard clearly over 60km from his garden.
DL1CR First S2S in DL on 6m - YouTube

73 Chris


Thanks for the s2s and the local chaser QSOs!
The band was flat except EI7HBB who popped up for a minute and I was able to work him on a lucky moment.

I used the IC-705 @ 10 W, feeding a delta loop, thanks to the viewtower at 30 m above ground.
The feedpoint looks a bit weird. this is because I forgot a BNC/UHF adaptor at home and had to connect the coax in a rather odd way.

View from DM/NS-129. Who said, Niedersachsen was flat?



I’m heading out to do a 6m activation this morning. Late notice I realise - but does anyone want to try for a S2S?

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I’m still having my morning cuppa. I definitively want to go out and play today. But with the rucksack not packed yet, at least half an hour drive before the ascent, I won’t be qrv before 1300z. Hw?


That’s probably getting towards the time to get ready for our family BBQ today. Another time maybe.

Saturday 29th May 2021

The Cloud G/SP-015

27 QSOs & 3 SWL (GW4OBK/P on GW/MW-012 - 60m CW & incomplete ‘QSO’ on 2m FM, plus 2W1PJE/P on GW/NW-076, 2m FM).

5 S2S, all 2m FM - 2W0IXM/P on GW/NW-053, MW3TMX/P on GW/MW-004, M7DST/P on G/WB-005, MW6BWA/P & MW0JLA/P on GW/MW-002.

2m FM: 11 QSOs
6m FT8: 12 QSOs
6m CW: 4 QSOs

2m DXCCs: G, GW
6m DXCCs: G, HA, OK, OM, SP

Gun G/SP-013

1 QSO on 2m FM!