Is there going to be a 2022 Challenge?

I fear there are still plenty of Greek letters left…


Hi Dave,

I think you are thinking US_Centric only.

SOTA is international, so it gets more complicated. Portable operation on 6 metres is not allowed in Germany and in Australia, the Foundation class licensee is not allowed on 50MHz at all - as two examples.

In any case, before any challenge can be executed, it needs someone to volunteer to organise, control and run it.

73 Ed DD5LP / G8GLM / VK2JI.

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2022 is when SOTA’s 20th Anniversary will be as SOTA started on the 2nd March 2002. When is was SOTA’s 10th Anniversary you could claim awards for regions activated and chased in the associations of England, Wales, Isle of Man, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These awards ran for 1 year from from when it was the 10th Anniversary for that association. Maybe similar awards could be issued for SOTA’s 20th Anniversary, but I assume that this can only happen if all the association managers for these associations are in agreement for this to happen? It doesn’t seem that long since the awards were ran for SOTA’s 10th Anniversary especially as I still need to claim my awards for this.

Jimmy M0HGY
G - Association Manager


Maybe an award for doing 20 summits on 20m?

(Yeah, I know it’s not available for everyone)


And chasing 20 summits on 20m? :smiley: The more serious point here is that the challenge must involve the chasers, too, they are half of SOTA.

For my part I would welcome a re-run of the 10th anniversary challenge or something like it, and some more gorgeous wallpaper!


I thought the single band HF Challenge’s were fun…like the 12 Meter Challenge. However a 12 Meter challenge might be even more fun if we wait a year or two until the sunspots really kick in.

I remember working 30+ Europe stations during one activation, with a few EU to NA s2s QSO’s in the log.

Seventeen Meters would also be interesting…or maybe a VHF challenge like 2M…everyone has an HT I think.



How about 20 S2S QSOs with 20 DXCCs?
Or collecting 20 chasers from 20 DXCCs from 20 activations?
For chasers collecting 20 activations from 20 DXCCs?

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… all this on 20m in 20 different days…

73 Armin

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Maybe a different Band challenge every month?

Are there 12 bands we can all operate across all of the Associations? One band per month….

Maybe we can do HF and VHF, like 80M thru 1296 Mhz…with the VHF bands spread out over the year?

For example… January 80M, February 40M, March 6M… Followed by 30M, 20M, and 2M the next 3 months, etc, etc.

Just thinking out loud…probably too late to set it all up for scoring at this late date…

I do miss the challenges…

OK…back to planning what I am going to do in 2022!



Only you say that.

73 Chris


Chris - yes I remember you understood the rules differently than I had from my translation of them. I had read it as hams not being allowed to operate portable on 6m (or 4m for that matter) in Germany and other DL hams I had asked, also told me the same.

The point, however, is not this specific one rather, in any proposed challenge all factors (and any differences by licence class) need to be checked to be compliant with local laws by the local operator.

This was the BnetZa document that I referred to - as it’s in English, the German version (which takes precedence) may have been worded better.;jsessionid=E67CECF22C6F24B245A8C04DE8F332D4?__blob=publicationFile&v=2

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Hello Ed,

I was of the same opinion as you regarding portable operation on 6m in DL. @DG7AC, Pom and me had a little argument about it. Afterwards I called BNetzA in Dortmund and talked with several people there, the last being head of the responsible department. He confirmed the deployment of a SOTA station on a summit with mast, antenna etc. can be considered ‘temporarily fixed’ which is allowed.
See also here: First german S2S on 6m today - #4 by DL3TU
Personally speaking, I find the regulations leave some room for interpretation. In this particular case the interpretation of BNetzA is really SOTA-friendly. I won’t complain :wink:

73, Roman


Thanks for the clarification Roman,
I don’t think we should ask, but I would say the inference from BNetzA then, is that operation with a 2m handy-talkie and its rubber-duckie or indeed a KX-2 or KX-3 with an AX-1 mini-antenna attached to the radio are not “temporary-fixed” structures, nor would be a station built in a car and running a car mounted antenna (such as in a WWFF park activation). The action of erecting a mast for the antenna is what makes the station “fixed”.

Good to know.
Since I won both the DL chaser and activator sections of the last 10/6m SOTA challenge without any 6m portable operation - it would have been easier with 6m portable included. I have a nice 6m Moxon antenna that I could use, should there be another challenge including 6 metres.

73 Ed.


Personally speaking, I find the regulations leave some room for interpretation.

Not at all, Roman. The written rules are absolutely clear. However, some people still refuse to read them closely.


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Not sure why you used the laughing symbol
Pom? I came first in the DL Association (not DM - you won that) in the 10 & 6-metre challenge, both in the Chaser and Activator sections and have the certificates from that.
It certainly would have been more interesting if I had realised at the time, that I could have operated on 6 metres as well as 10 metres portable.



International S2S day? :slight_smile:

73 de Martin / HB9GVW


The challenge 2022 is on, but I really would like to see an explanation of the figures.
Sorry but I do not understand what exactly the figures mean in the 3 separate columns?

Can somebody explain?

I could not find anything on the reflector yet, I must miss something.

73 Bruno HB9CBR

For each day, add up the number of points made in each category. Choose the highest value 20 days and sum together.

Understood Thank you!
73 Bruno HB9CBR