6m QSO/S2S anyone ?

I’m activating GW/NW-012 tomorrow, and having recently repaired the VX-7R (ceramic filter fault) this trip would be a great opportunity to give the radio an outing.

If anyone fancies a QSO on 6m, I’ll be listening 51.510 MHz, moving on to 51.410MHz. I’ll also post on Sotawatch.



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Good luck! First german S2S on 6m today

73 Chris

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I’ll listen out for you Dave. Might not make it up to a summit this morning though.

I tried 6m during a couple of activations and the band was full of people that I didn’t know and had zero interest in SOTA. For me personally it lacked “soul”. That was back in 2010. Maybe now there is more interest in S2S contacts, that is the way to go on the band.


Sometimes it works. Like 70cm it helps if you get contacts on a more popular band and ask if they can listen for you on 6m.


73 Chris

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I tried calling CW SOTA on 51.510MHz…Nada!

I had the antenna up until just before I spoke to you (from home) on 2 m and didn’t hear anything. It totally slipped my mind when we had our S2S later - I didn’t have my 6m antenna but I’ve used my 40m EFHW for S2S on 2m before now…

Oh well, maybe next time. If you’re out and about on 29th April, I’ll remember to take the VX-7R (plus 6m flower-pot) up Snowdon if you fancy a 6M S2S ? The one and only time I’ve managed a 6M (and 4M) QSO (and S2S) was back in September 2021 on the SOTA LD weekend from Helvellyn:


Sadly the KX2 doesn’t do 6m, so it’s possibly a job for the 818 - mighty little radio that it is.

73 Dave

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