First activation OE/TI-022 Großer Geiger

Geplant ist die Besteigung und Aktivierung des Großen Geigers OE/TI-022 am 24./25.9. Der tatsächliche Tag hängt von Wetter und Bedingungen ab. Bin Teil einer Seilschaft und werde daher nur kurz auf 2 m aktivieren können. Bitte Alerts beobachten, werden von Peter OE5AUL aktualisiert!
Hoffe wieder auf zahlreiche Kontakte wie beim Großvenediger :joy:!

The plan is to climb and hopefully activate Großer Geiger OE/TI-022 next weekend.
Since we need to cross a glacier and be part of rope teams I will have to make the activation rather short - and only on 2 m.
It’s not yet sure whether the day of the climb will be Saturday or the Sunday. Peter OE5AUL will update the Alert whenever he’ll get news from may side.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Vy 73, Sylvia OE5YYN


Good luck! A very impressive looking summit.

Thanks! We are going to tackle it from the other side - that’s a bit easier. But it will still take us about 5 hours to reach the summit…
This picture was taken from the north on the way to Großvenediger at about the same time 2 years ago.
Would love to take HF equipment along as well but there’s no time for that nonsense ;-).

73, Sylvia

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Sorry, folks, we didn’t make it. :disappointed:
Had to stop and return without managing the last 200 m of elevation gain. Crevasses on the remaining glacier bit were too wide and the rocks on the ridge too loose to climb Großer Geiger safely.

We only got to this point on the ridge where we had a beautiful view of Großer Geiger.

Großvenediger OE/TI-003, which we activated in 2014, in the background.

Will have to try again on a skitour. The remaining snow cover in spring should make access easier and faster…

Sorry chasers for keeping you waiting in vain!

Vy 73, Sylvia

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nice pictures but its always more sensible to turn back and try again than to plod on and not return at all.
better luck next time.

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Sorry you didn’t make it especially after some real effort. But it’s better to be able to report the failure and try again instead of becoming yet another accident statistic.

Nice pictures. Hopefully there will be a report of success next Spring.

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Great try! Looks spectacular and I can see what you mean about loose rocks!

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