First Activation...and so it begins

Welcome Robert,
Be listening for you on the bands!

Best, Ken K6HPX & Kay, KE7BGM

A word of encouragement on the General exam…it’s really easy.

CWOps seems great, but if you want an additional source of support have a look at the Long Island CW club. They offer a lot of classes at all levels and sessions helping you with all sorts of things, like getting on the air or learning about antennas etc. You are actively encouraged to join any classes you fancy whenever you can, so you can jump around and try different things and find the ones that work for you. Plus they are a friendly bunch and very supportive.

I’ve been a member since the summer and it’s been really helpful. I paid for the life-time membership from the get go, but I’ve certainly had more than my money’s worth out of them already and I could have done a lot more if work hadn’t gotten in the way.

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Hi Fraser

I measured a j-pole against the flowerpot and at a few metres above ground the performance was identical. I also have an RH-770/FT65 combo that I have used for “quickie” activations and that outperforms the standard rubber duck by 8dB, and almost the same as a dipole at the same height