first activation abroad, hopefully

I am going to Alcudia on holiday tomorrow(Saturday) and as soon as we booked it I looked at the possibility of a SOTA activation. low and behold theres a small summit EA6/MA-066 within an hours walk from my hotel, i couldnt have done it better if i had actually aimed to do that :slight_smile:

Last weekend i thought i’d dust off some gear and test a new HF antenna out i had bought a year or so ago. Its a 40-10m EFHW from wire antennas. Got it up in the garden got my rig all setup turned it on, it then turned off again and back on. I took a look at the power supply and its not keeping voltage steady! so that was broken, it is probably 20 years old. So i thought i’d get my LIFEPO4 battery out. only to find one of its cells is reading 2.62V. I cant try and fix it with the balance charger as that connects to the broken power supply!

So i’m just taking my 2m Handheld, and the telescopic antenna if i can find that! I’ll try to activate the summit on 2m only. I see at least 1 person has activated it before with 2m only so there is hope.

I might try to activate it on Sunday, which i have an alert for but don’t know the time. otherwise it will be sometime before Friday.

Anyone in the area of 2m kep an ear out in case you hear a call :slight_smile:



Ahh yes; the SOTA family holiday!

Item 1; before getting the holiday money, checking passports etc - check for summits.

Also don’t forget to pack your radio gear, before filling up your luggage allowance with trivia such as sun screen or changes of clothing :wink:

Enjoy! :sunglasses:


item 1 was done the minute the booking was confirmed! :slight_smile:
only radio gear i’m taking is the handheld and its charger so that doesnt take up much space :slight_smile:

I also don thave a pole small enough to take in a suticase which was another rason i’m not going HF.


Hi @M0VED. I am away in Gran Canaria at the moment. I really don’t know what it will be like in Alcudia, but you may struggle on 2m.
I would defo recommend HF gear and conditions are great right now on at least one HF band :slight_smile: . You could probably get away without a pole by throwing an end fed over a bush, tree, cairn or whatever there is - it has worked for me in the past ! I took a Carbon 6 mast with me from Sotabeams.
Have fun and enjoy the summit !
Tim - G5OLD

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Hi Anthony,

Enjoy Majorca. I haven’t activated MA-066 so can’t comment, but if you can get up the nearby MA-060 you’ll likely get on OK with 2m. There are a number of local chasers/activators, such as @EA6KB @EA6LU @EA6APL @EC6PG who might be in a position to chase or provide S2S contacts.

I’ve activated a number of EA6 summits on 2m, just using my Quansheng handie and standard antenna. As well as calling CQ on 145.500, I also stumbled across 2m activity on 145.425 and odd-split frequencies too (like 145.515), so it’s worth tuning around and seeing who else is on-air.

From the higher summits, you should be able to contact the Spanish mainland using just a handie - my best 2m contact was an EA3 station in Tarragona from the top of EA6/MA-010.

I hope you have good weather and success with your activations :+1:
73, Simon


What handhed are you taking? There’s a couple of transmitting towers on the nearby lower summit which might cause some interference or blocking depending on the radio:

Probably a bit late now but a travel pole with a slim jim would be handy to have in your arsenal to get out a bit further (assuming no QRM).


We’ve just booked the worst SOTA holiday ever. May have to activate it every day!


Speak to Tom. He can offer advice on how to do that :wink:


I think you need to apply in writing for your 8P9 call before you get there.

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Yes. Alternatively apply at the telecoms office, however this can take up to a week.


Currently aiming for tomorrow to activate. Afternoon early evening possibly

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