First activation abroad attempt

Hi. So in my previous post I posted about the issues I had with planning on doing my first activation abroad. I didn’t have some equipment and key bits like batteries etc have potentially failed.
Anyhow, I soldiered on in the hope I could activate ea6/ma066 with 2m fm only and a HT.

Long story short, I didn’t. I didn’t even make the actual top, but it didn’t stop being a great afternoon out.

I was staying in the alua boccacio hotel, which is almost at the bottom of the hill.

Taken outside hotel front.

I walked up via the path most seem to use and saw quite a few other people surprisingly. Also the views and the countryside was beautiful.

I walked with my 14yo son.

I took the path from the parking spot on the road. But once it gets to the rock face it disappeared and was far too overgrown and very slippery loose rocks to attempt to go higher. That and the moment my legs brushed anything 5000000 mozzies had dinner! So i cq called a few times from where I was and decided I’d figure out if I was in the activation zone afterwards, but no one came back to my calls and was being eaten alive we retreated.

It was a great walk in fantastic countryside however so still a win for me. The 1 point would have just been a bonus.

We saw a triathlete pass us twice, a few people on bikes a woman on an e-bike and a German family out walking but they changing a nappy on the road, in the shade of a tree when we passed them.


Ultimately that’s all that matters!

Once you do manage an overseas activation you’ll get hooked. It’s one of the first things I consider, it’s not the OVERRIDING consideration, but it is in the mix when planning a holiday location.