F4WBN - 60K SOTA pts and more... (Part 1)

Great work, Christian! You are in my log many times - almost every activation! Thanks for your chases.

Andy, N4LAG

@F4WBN Christian, can we rent that “shack” off you for holidays (with access to the antennae and swimming pool!)? :wink:

Belle configuration. Je suis envieux et cela explique certainement votre signal fort!

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Congratulations Christian! As a SOTA guy with an execrable fist, I’ve gotten to where I hear your distinctive and very welcome “Foxtrot four whiskey bravo november” in my sleep.

Formidable chasing!
73 Eric KG6MZS

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Wao !!!

Congratulation, Christian! It is the one station from Europe that I made most of my contacts with EU. Christian is a great operator!

Hello all !

Today another big change on SOTA results and Christian don’t know about…

Sometimes ago he tell me he was adding a new antenna :wink:

Now is running this one humm …

3 40m elements + 3 30m elements :sweat_smile:

And the results are :

From France

From World - Unique summits worked
F4WBN 9700 uniques

and at the time when I publish these results … he has already gone elsewhere

:clap: :clap: :wink:

73 Éric


oh, it is time to wear helmets :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Chris chases are always very huge :muscle:

73, Jarek


Congratulations Christian !
Always a pleasure to get you in my log

73 Dave

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Oh, thats why he is 599+ :slight_smile:
Good choice…


I had the pleasure of working Christian today from COLD Pennsylvania summit with my little 3w rig. It was so cold my phone shutdown and pen froze. I resorted to drawing Call signs and RST reports in the snow until I warmed up the pen. (Note to self-get some pencils)

Congrats Christian and 73



Bonjour Christian.
Félicitation pour cet exploit en si peu de temps.
Merci encore d’avoir mis un peu d’ordre lors de mon dernier contact avec Alain @f5odq.
Cordiales 73 et au plaisir de se réentendre.
André f5ukl

Congratulations and thank you for connecting with you.

Afternoon Christian, from Sid ZS5AYC & myself ZS5APT. Thank you for chasing us. We love hearing your callsign when we call CQ SOTA on 10m.

Would you send your email address to adeleptyler@gmail.com. I have certificates i need to send you for your participation in our ZS SOTA days.



Congratulations, Chris, and thanks for MANY chases! I hear your signal almost every time I activate. Your antennas often get you through even when condx are not good. Very FB!

Andy, N4LAG

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Congratulations for this nice result Chris.
Always present in our activations. thank you and congratulations


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Chris also has a distinctive voice, which also helps identify him in an SSB pileup


Congratulations Chris,
almost always at the top of my log. :clap:
73 de OE6FEG

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Amazing Christian! Thank you for all the QSOs! 73 Dave KO4YLZ

Congratulations, Christian!

Now you can sample some of Jarek’s “Soplica”, Cherry-flavored vodka (“Vodka aromatisée à la cerise”), if you have any left from the FN HR SOTA dinner, that is.

It was a pleasure to meet you, at the dinner.
Will expect to continue “seeing you” in the SOTA pile-ups.

73 de Sevim, WB8BHN

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