F4WBN - 60K SOTA pts and more... (Part 1)

Who has never heard Christian @F4WBN ?

Joined the SOTA program only a few months ago Chris make an incredible job ! :+1: Taking the first place of french gang :yum:

Surely favored by beautiful antennas, he is present every day, chasing many summits on the other side of the globe too, US, VE, JA and VK ZL are often happy to work him with nice signal.

Congratulations for this nice result :wink:

73 Éric


Congratulations Christian :+1:
You have joined the ranks of “always ready” chasers in no-time. Thanks for all the QSOs and hopefully many more.

73 Joe

Very congratulations to Christian!
He is pretty close to me, less than 100Km, just to Northern side of the Pyrenees and I almost always hear him chasing every activation on air, activations I often can’t copy at all. His good antennas and his location in quite a flat territory very close to the Atlantic Ocean makes the big difference for him.
Keep up the good work, Christian. Always a pleasure to hear you and being chased by you.


Christian you have become a faithful guest in my logbook during the activations… and always with very good signals!

Many thanks and many greetings


Always great to hear him chase. Always listen for him when I activate. Great job, Chris!
73 Gary


There are a few SOTA chasers that I seem to hear more or less every time I am in the shack and Christian is certainly one of them. Even when I am listening for Stateside activators in the late afternoon and evening, it is Christian that I hear making the contact. I usually hear nothing of the activators at my end. :neutral_face:

Many congratulations on your achievement Christian. How soon to 100,000 we might ask. :grinning:

73, Gerald

Likewise. :wink: Out of curiosity I checked my log, and I havn’t yet been SOTA-chased by him (though as I’m running at about one activation every other year at the moment that’s not entirely surprising), but I did find him in my 5Z90IARU log. :slight_smile:

Well done Chris! Always in my log. :grinning:

There are not that many chasers with constant good signals, but Chris is definitely one of them. Congratulations!

73 Stephan

Well done Christian! I always enjoy your calls… and your 599 signal reports!
Scott kw4jm

Hello Christian @F4WBN.

Congratulations on this number and thank you for the many QSOs :+1:

@F5JKK, Eric thank you also for the many QSOs :slight_smile: :wave:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Congratulations, Christian! That’s an amazing feat. You are our
European beacon here on the west coast! I hear you every day,
sometimes very strong.
John, K6YK

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Congratulations Christian, and thanks for the many chases. We’ve had QSO’s on most of the bands, but the most exciting was working you on 10 meters from here in Arizona, not too long ago!
Best 73 and see you on the next one!
Keith KR7RK

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Congratulations Christian
We started Sota at the same time 14 months ago, you as hunter and me as activator.
Thank you for your help, you are always my first hunter contact generaly on the 2M or 10M band when I arrive on the summits in order to give information on the sotawatch spot.

See you soon on the air or in your house for a coffe

73’ Alain

Bravo Christian - you’re rarely anything else than a 599 in my log!

It’s always a pleasure to get Christian in the log, SSB or CW, always a good signal, always a nice fist and always a gentleman operator.

Here’s to the next 60k points. :wine_glass:

Now giving SA4BLM a run for his money as first chaser onto my call. Even first thing in the morning, Chris will be there, almost without fail. That’s how it’s done folks. Well done Christopher!
73 de OE6FEG

Congratulations Christian and thank you for the contacts.
73 Roger

Congratulations Chris! Often the first in my log :+1:
73 Fabio

Congratulations, Chris on this notable achievement. As I have mentioned to you before, working Europe from W7A, Arizona activations is quite a thrill. I have worked you on six straight activiations. Unfortunately, I was unable to work you on my last activation. Look forward to working you again soon.
73 es merci - Frank K8FB