expedition to -Swaragarohini

Wishing VU3ZNG and team a safe a successful expedition to -Swaragarohini aslo known as ,"Stair way to heaven "in Hindu mythology.
VU3zng -Nyjil George & Vu3ufg- ullas
will the activating two peaks .in this mountain range .
Fabulous… Swargrohini is in Garhwal Himalayas One of the many 20k ft plus peaks there.coordinates are
31.1000000, 78.5158333 .

Station will be active from 15th may 2022 of this month till 25th May 2022.

They will be qrv mostly in the after noon bet ween 15.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs IST .
(Pls convert to UTC ).

This is a Frist time activation of these peaks ever.

They will be using the following

Setup :- Modified MCHF , EFHW, and Lithium batteries . And a microsoft surface. 7-10w
Expected temperature upto -15deg.
More details soon.



Were the activations successful? Have all returned safely home now?
73 Ed.

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Hi Ed ,
The team has returned safely .
Shared a picture from the station which was taken during the expedition .



Wow, I feel cold just listening to the winds in the video.
WELL DONE to all who took part!
73 Ed.

I imagine the pharaonic work that must be collecting all the summits of India to add it as a new association!
Hopefully soon India will join SOTA and thus add more action from these latitudes!
73, Takeo

Yes your are right, it’s a herculean task.
we have a vast demographic area.( India ) The snow clad peaks are in the North of India which is the Himalayan region where peaks are averaging 5000m and go upto 8000m .
Down South we have peaks from 1000m ranging to 3000m .
Setting up a organisation to the requirements of SOTA is a huge task on hand .