everest award.

wow i was looking back in my log and realized that i was entitled to collect the everest award for my 1st year in sota.yes what a nice cirtificate it is.Many thanks for all the stations worked to make it possiable in 2008.
Scott 2E0RCS

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Belated congratulations Scott!


Mark G0VOF

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Thanks for the heads up Scott, just checked my log and I too can apply for the award.

Well Done

Best 73


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Congrats, but what is the everest award? I did not find any reference on Summits on the Air

73 Heinz

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Hello Heinz!

The Mount Everest Award is a Hungarian award. You can find the rules here:


Walt (G3NYY)

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Well done Scott. Sean M0GIA

Thanks guys it is a nice cirtificate.
congratulations Tony i bet you was also surprised i had just made it by one day,believe it or not.
Scott 2E0RCS.

Hi all
The Mount Everest Award from Gabor and SOTA Hungary is still going strong.

I totted up my 160 or so points of activations in G, GW, OZ and SM in 2015 and found to my surprise that I had far exceeded (22942m) the requirement of ascent and descent height of Everest. I emailed the spreadsheet application yesterday and received this smart PDF this evening from Gabor

There’s a very pretty Ham Hiker Active 30 award included as a bonus. I imagine some of you Alpine and 14’er activator types will find this quite quick to do i.e. < 40 hills in a year. It was under an hour’s effort to annotate my activator log with heights from the SOTAWatch Summits association page. Thank you Gabor.

73 es Merry Christmas de David M0YDH