Mount Everest Award

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23229m for me in 48 activations during 2015 and that is with a bad back since early September.

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Hi all,
That looks a nice award.
I just made a listing for my 2015 activations .
113 unique summit, 200.802 meters.
Tnx for info.
Happy New 2016, Gerald F6HBI


Bravo! Un grimpeur intrepid! Prix d’Everest plus que dix mal. Chapeau.

Contact details are in the older 2010 thread - link at the start of this item - to the award website.

Joyeux Noël / Nadolig Llawen


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37578 from 61 activations 07/12/14 to 06/12/15, I’m quite surprised by this but well pleased :smiley:

I activated The Cloud G/SP-015 this Xmas morning. In this award, would I count the 343m that is the listed height of the summit, or the approximately 80m I actually ascended? The former seems the only workable approach, but it does mean that claims to have ascended the height of Everest over whatever period of time will be, putting it mildly, somewhat fanciful.

Its plain to see I don’t keep such detailed records as many other activators do. I haven’t a clue what my total ascent is over the last week, month, year or ten years since I started doing SOTA. Can you add to the count the ascent climbing the stairs in your house :wink:

Merry Xmas to one and all
SOTA Chasers and Activators and Management Team / Association + Area Managers!

Phil G4OBK

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65154m in 136 summits this year.
308609m in 542 summits logged since you started.

NO way Andy can that be anything like correct - your simple calculation must be from sea level, which is not from where any of us I start our activations from? In addition I walk in the countryside more regularly than I go to summits so that would need to be added on as well…

Merry Xmas, nice one!


Have you a database inquiry that does that Andy? I looked at 8 or so regions’ summit pages and transferred the ASL heights one by one to my spreadsheet. It might make a nifty addition to the My Awards page?

It’s highly imprecise and a bit of fun. By exceeding twice the height of Everest by many thousands of metres I think I probably did the trip. Andy, Victor, Allan and clearly anyone climbing mountains totalling over 200000m like the gent above have won a glossy award.
Happy New Year
David M0YDH

Yes and no. It is something that exists in the code but is to be removed soon. The reason for removal is there is quite a lot of “lard” in the app and I’d like to put the app on a diet and trim some fat.

You should be able to combine your log download as a CSV and the summits list CSV in a spreadsheet and get the heights that way. That would be a nice introduction to using macros in a spreadsheet for anyone to try.

On the other hand you should add in the “false summit syndrome”, many summits involve at least a bit of upping and downing. Some of them drive you crackers - or at least, that’s my excuse!


Yes but the rules say you sum the heights of the summits not the height you climbed. The code I have doesn’t de-dupe the summits, so if you do the same summit a lot it skews the calculation. A few dupes wont make much difference especially as you need to have 2x Everest’s height to qualify, i.e.17696m

With this award I’ve never quite understood why it’s twice the height of Everest, I get that it covers the height up and down again. But isn’t that what I do with a summit, I go up then I come down again =twice the height or have I been doing wrong all these years should I parachute, paraglide or as some might hope just jump off the top?