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European SOTA Activity Day on September 19, 2020

You misunderstood what Michael asked Tom! (Perhaps on purpose as a joke?)

He was asking when will the activity begin - and please give the answer in UTC to avoid confusion.

I would suggest you take a look at the Alerts on SotaWatch3 Michael and see there when people expect to be on.

Will you be activating yourself or chasing from home?

73 Servus Ed.

It looks like most poeople are starting between 0700 and 0900 UTC:


It looks like a lot of people are already committed to take part!

73 Ed.

It’s an all-day activity so if you want to go for the category “longest time on the summit” you may want to start very early :wink:

73, Sylvia

Hallo Ed,

ja ich aktiviere selber. Du siehst sogar mein Rufzeichen auf dem von dir geposteten Bild :slight_smile:

Alles Klar :grin:

I scheduled SP/BZ-008 to activate on September 19th.
Welcome activators & chasers :wink:

73, Jarek

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Hallo OMs,
SOTA-Alerts is again with ‘Submission failed’
I try it later aagain
My activation:
08:00 UTC , longer then 2h
145.500-fm, 145.550
50W + Yagi G=8dB ‘DX’
S2S to OE-Summits and all other stations
May be good conds: http://www.dxinfocentre.com/tropo_eur.html
It’s possible:
09/09/2020 : OK/Li-024 > OM/PO-092 = 410km ! The other station only 5W
and some more such QSOs


Jetzt hat es aber offensichtlich doch funktioniert - Alert ist gelistet!

73, Sylvia

in august we organized activities in lithuania, latvia and estonia. these countries are very lowlands but the hills after glaciers are picturesque and pleasant to walk. a lot of forests and national parks with prepared camping sites. considering the stories, we were at home … …

in the picture the highest peak in Estonia Suur Munamagi 317m above sea level

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Kind request to big guns chasers: don’t pretend you can’t hear us, let us work our S2S before you earn your chaser points.
Thank you :wink:

73, Jarek


It should actually be better than usual Jarek. There will be so many activators QRV at any given time that the chaser stations will be spread out more thinly and the pile-ups not as big.

Hi Tom,

You are right :wink:
I also know that we with you will manage anyway :smiley:


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There are three activations scheduled for September 19 from the very edge of Eastern Europe.
RX9WT, R05SOTA/RA9WJV from R9U/SO-235.
R8WB from R9U/SO-237.
RV9WIW from R9U/SO-238.
All of them plan to start around 5-6z.
73! Serge


I have the idea to make a little video clip of the day tomorrow. Anyone who wants to can send me a small video from their activation location, then I will cut it together.

Please film horizontally and max. 20 seconds.

You can upload the video here

https://wetransfer.com/ or

and send me the link to my Mail : dennobundy@gmail.com

DD6FM - Marco


SOTA Slovenia will patricipate as well.
(Slovenia has only 2 million inhabitants … but we are always and everywhere … not only on the Tour de France … :wink:).

73 de S58R Rado


I am planning to participate in European SOTA Activity Day from Japan. Some SOTA enthusiasts of our association will join as well. We are looking forward to calling from Europe. :smile:



Yes Rado, Rog and Pog are doing brilliantly. Good TV coverage of the race in UK on Channel 24 ITV4. Watching live in the afternoons is a big distraction from SOTA Chasing! When the commercial breaks kick in I go into the adjacent shack and try to work what is there before going back to the TDF…

73 Phil

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There are three activations scheduled for September 19 from the very edge of Eastern Europe.
RX9WT, R05SOTA/RA9WJV from R9U/SO-235.
R8WB from R9U/SO-237.
RV9WIW from R9U/SO-238.

Wrong! There are four! R9U/CE-043
Having said that, ours is in Asia not in Europe.
73, Igor UA9CDC


Many Romanian activators will be on the air as well. A couple of different teams on different summits will use thr special callsign YP10SOTA to celebrate 10 years of SOTA in Romania. Please look out for the references to avoid confusion from the same callsign being used in the same time (or nearly the same time).

Looking forward to some nice S2S
73, Csaba

Will join in tomorrow from JA/SO-051. QRV with call sign 8J0K/2, on 14MHz to 1200MHz. Mainly in CW and FT8 for HF band. See you on air mate.


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Hello! A few of YO8 stations will also try to activate summit(s) during this event on 70cm, 2m, 17m, 20m, 40m (FM/SSB/PSK31) starting around 10z. Hope to see you on the air!

  • Bogdan