European SOTA Activity Day on September 19, 2020

DD5LP had a bit of a headstart :wink:, so here is the official announcement:

Since we are organising both an OE and an OE5 Day on September 19, Juerg HB9BIN has come up with the idea to turn this event into a European Sota Activity Day.

So far, HB9, DL/DM, Italy and France have agreed to join in and we would be very pleased if many other European associations would follow suit!

Da wir am 19. September 2020 einen ALL-OE und einen OE5-SOTA-Tag veranstalten werden, haben wir gemeinsam mit Jürg HB9BIN die Idee geboren, zu diesem Termin einen Europäischen SOTA-Aktivitätstag auszurufen. HB9, DL/DM, Italien und Frankreich haben bereits Ihre Teilnahme zugesagt und wir würden uns freuen, wenn auch weitere Assoziationen mitmachen würden.

73, Sylvia


Belgium is joining too!

73, Peter ON4UP


Hi Sylvia,

Ireland will certainly be active during this event, too. Sounds like a great opportunity to generate more activity.

73, John EI3KA

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Romania is also in
this will be a great fun

73, Csaba YO6PIB


[Nostradamus mode = on] It will be raining. [Nostradamus mode = off] :slight_smile:

I’ll keep the day free just in case. And will do my not-rain dance (for what it’s worth!)


Croatian 9A SOTA members will be active during this event.
Stay tuned!

73 de Boris 9A2GA
9A SOTA Association manager

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Great idea, I think I’m there too. Is there a website or something like that?
DD6FM - Marco

Isn’t every Saturday an international SOTA activity day? Is there a theme or focus that I’m missing here? What makes this different from any normal Saturday, which always see hundreds of SOTA activations across the continent?

That said, I’ll no doubt try to take part!


I don’t know that. I sometimes do Sundays, sometimes during the week. I think it’s good that there is a set day where a lot of people specialize. So the chances of getting a S2S connection are even higher

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You are using it.


Perhaps you should see a concerted high profile activity event as an opportunity for publicity for SOTA? If it gets the backing that it deserves - and also both the weather and the propagation - it will be an unrivalled opportunity for S2S contacts! :smiley:


This event is getting (world-wide) publicity to the rest of the AR community and through it SOTA in general gets noticed more.

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Actually Brian, that’s why I’m asking the question. I’d like to use this as an opportunity to distribute a press release - but to do so meaningfully, I’ll need to be able to communicate what is different/special about this - and I’m not “getting it” yet.

If I go out on a Saturday on a SOTA activation, it does not matter whether I take 40m, 30m, 20m or VHF, nor if I use FM, CW, SSB or FT8. I will make a lot of QSOs including a significant numbers of S2S, both international and domestic. That’s on ANY Saturday, guaranteed. So how is this event different? What’s the publicity angle?

Well its the ultimately social distanced get-together! :smiley:

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Drop me a PM please Ed so I can get a better grip on what this is all about (as distinct from a normal Saturday in SOTA) and to coordinate publicity. It sounds like you’ve already launched the publicity drive for this (thank you) and I’ll make sure I don’t duplicate.

Well said! That’s what it’s all about - we want associations to join forces and motivate activators to get out on a special day to attract publicity to SOTA (and not leave it to chance as on any Saturday).

What do you want to know?

73, Sylvia

I discussed this on the SOTA Poland Facebook forum and everybody is enthusiastic about it. So SP association is in, whatever that means :slight_smile:


We’ve always been very lucky with the weather around this time of the year over here. Doing your not-rain dance will certainly help at your end!

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If I have the chance I’ll participate and I’ll try to motivate others here in EA as well.

73 de Ignacio

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