ERROR on GW/NW-006

Activating gw/nw-006 yesterday 16 October I got spotted by RBN at 1152utc with the summit ref gw/nw-003. I was still on GW/NW-006. There for I will log any QSO between 1152utc & 1216utc as GW/NW-006. Please correct your log.

( I did activate GW/NW-003 later from 1507utc to
It was also pointed out to me that I also called CQ at least once using the incorrect call MM6GYU/P. Instead of the correct call MW6GYU/P

The wind was storm force I was very cold, had little shelter and some of my kit was getting blown about!!


I’ll keep saying this till it sticks… If you use a wild card alert and extend the time window then the spots are going to be correct. RBNhole will spot your wild card and the chasers will get the ref from you and spot the actual summit you are currently activating.


Thanks David for the correction and thanks for the CW contact.
Best 73

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I am aware and thought I’d given enough times between activations to be OK . Unfortunately Ispent far to long on the first activations. I’ll try harder next time Andrew :blush:

I don’t understand why people bother trying multiple alerts because time and time people do it, something outside their control happens and mucks their timings and then you get the “please update your logs I was on” message. One alert with a wildcard, in the comment a number to extend the window the alert lives for and the probably summit refs.

It’s easy…

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I have a print out of posting wild card alerts with me in my van. I’ll give it ago for tomorrow.
( I’ll try not to incur your wrath again​:innocent::innocent:)


FYI the S+8 in the comment (has to be in UPPER CASE and no spaces) will extended the time window RBNHole listens for you to 1000Z + 8 hours, i.e. 1800Z

You can extend the time before alert time if you think you may be early, default is 1 hour so RBNHole listens from 1000Z- 1hour, i.e. 900UTC. If you said S-2 S+8 it would listen from 0800Z to 1800Z

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Andy