'Error invalid Spot'

I have recently had an error message when using SOTA Spotter. It seems intermittent. Is it anything I am doing wrong? I have included a screen grab.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Martin,

I just repeated your spot (with my call sign of course) through SOTA Spotter and didn’t get the error and the spot was placed:

As you say it’s intermittent could it be happening when you have Internet dropping in and out perhaps?

73 Ed.


Thanks Ed much appreciated!

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I just searched the Internet to see if I could find any more information about that exact error, but found nothing.
If Bogdan sees this I’m sure he will be able to help - why not drop him and email, he is very responsive.

73 Ed.

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How did you send the initial spot? Was it through SMS, by chance?

No using the Internet via 4g. I am registered for SMS though. Next time I will try that. Thanks

No, don’t. As far as I know you can’t edit spots sent by SMS, that’s why I asked.

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There does seem to be a fault as I get this as well all the time, I registered to do the spot by SMS, alternative log on the Sotawatch3 page and do the spot there.

The other alternative is to send the spot by APRS2SOTA if you have APRS fully functioning on your radio (FT-5DE being an example)

Is this just with this app or does it happen with all apps and browsers as well ?

We need to find out if it is this app, any app, is it the API, is it SW3 or is it the user?

I have only used this app, but I will use another one next weekend and report back. Thanks.

I don’t know if it is related but I cannot update my Alert for Wednesday using the app - I get the error shown below. 73 Ed.


Working fine using Firefox and SW3 site direct.

Sometimes i have found you need to close the app completely and then open it again, if you want to update.


Ed, this looks like a bug in SOTA Spotter, but I need to investigate a bit before I know for sure.

Ed, is it happening when you create the alert using sotawatch or sotl.as and later edit it using the app SOTA Spotter?
Or does it also happen I you create - and later edit - the alert using the app?

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Now I’m not so sure that what Ed posted is a bug in SOTA Spotter. I was able to replicate that behaviour by using the username “yo3saw” instead of “yo8saw”.


  • If I use a random username (one that surely isn’t valid), I get:
    Error authorizing with SOTA SSO [1]: status 401, response: {“error”:“invalid_grant”,“error_description”:“Invalid user credentials”}
  • If, however, I use the username “yo3saw” (which should be invalid), I get:
    Error posting new alert [3]: status 400, response: "The JSON value could not be converted to System.Nullable`1[System.Int64]. Path: $.id | LineNumber: 0 | BytePositionInLine: 14."

The first one is expected, however the second one is strange. I’m not sure where the problem is, but it doesn’t appear to be in SOTA Spotter. @MM0FMF ?

Bogdan YO3SAW

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There is an account with username YO3SAW.

Looking at both of these, the 401 is correct. You requested a protected resource and provided incorrect authorisation, hence “401 - Unauthorised” and an explanation is given “invalid user credentials”. The 400 is “400 - bad request” which is you have requested something that is seen as a client error, something is missing or malformed in the data/headers for the request.

The request is exactly the same; only the username is different. BTW, I never created the YO3SAW account.

Alert created via the PC web browser (MS Edge) at the SW3 webpage, then sometime later I just tried an edit using SOTA Spotter. More as a test of SOTA Spotter. I can change the Alert directly on the SW3 webpage with no problems.
In both cases, I am logged in as DD5LP.

73 Ed.

UPDATE: just retried after a complete restart of smartphone and PC - the situation is still the same.

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