Editing activator entry

I’m sure its must have been asked for before, but I’d like to amend one of my activator entries as I’ve noticed a small mistake (frequency band). But I can’t seem to find out how this can be edited?

It’s question and answer #4 in the FAQ.

I clicked on the FAQ but nothing appears (am using an Imac if that helps)

This FAQ link:

EDIT: but the other one does seem to have regressed (again) to the blank state.

Thanks for the help. I’d been trying to access the FAQs on SOTA Data!


Good to hear. I’ll go and figure out how I managed to break the link page twice now.

P.S. All CW logs with an M6 call looks really cool. :wink:

Cool. In fact very cool would be the word I’d use for Sunday’s activation. But not in the context you mean!!!