EA5/MU-005 in restricted, military terrain: but previously activated?

This summit in South-East Spain (Espuña, EA5/MU-005) has allegedly been activated by some colleagues. I drove about 145 km from my place in IM98ri. The summit appears to be reachable through a paved road, but as maps showed a gate about 2 km from the top, I decided to use the car park there. I saw cyclists go up from there, and the gate was open. I walked up, and about 1 km from the top there are clear signs indicating the area is military and restricted and no trespassing is possible. I walked past the no-trespassing sign (as cyclists merrily cycled past it, see photo) only to find a closed gate (photo) with a sign explaining in four languages that no unidentified access was possible. I had to abort the activation, but couldn’t help but wonder how other colleagues have activated this summit: I would never risk having to deal with the military in their restricted area!. There is one description in the SOTL.AS page of the site, by a colleague who used a foot trail and “hid behind a tower there”. The “tower” (“torreón de los exploradores”) is probably the one on top of which EA5RCZ (Radio Club de la Región de Murcia) keeps two wonderful ham repeaters (2m and 70 cm).


This is the only Spanish SOTA summit to be off limits due to it being a military zone, but allegedly activated. Another one is Puig Major EA6/MA-001 that been allegedly activated 3 times now and one other is Montaña del Faro EA8/GC-027 that has allegedly had 1 SOTA activation.

Jimmy M0HGY


Technically, EA5/AT-001 is also inside another military area, but there are parts of the activation zone which are west from the fence. This was the case with the fence in EA5/MU-005, but signs appear long before you reach the fence. Incidentally, both EA5/AT-001 and EA5/MU-005 are surveillance stations of the Spanish air force (“Estación de Vigilancia Aérea”).


Are you able to ask them for permission?

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For my interpretation is that vehicles are not permitted but walkers are OK for going to the tower. There is no fence either side of the first gate. There seems to be a number of articles from walking groups on how to get to the tower. The map only shows the summit as a restricted area and the tower outside of the restricted area but just in the activation zone. It is down to the old adage “It is easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission”.

In my opinion looking at the track of the activator which follows the path for the most part not the road, it looks OK and the activation is valid.

Many years ago in the UK I have been told off because I was on Private land, the military gentleman was not too impressed when I said it is public land with restricted access paid for by my taxes. I reread the map and retraced my steps, then we were all happy.

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