EA2IF Guru: Memorial EA Special event stations

We gave some hint in advance about the preparation of an event in this EA2IF Memorial thread:

And we are ready now to give full details:

Guru’s EA Special Event Stations

As you may remember, our friend Guru EA2IF passed away on March 11th 2022. Since then we, a number of his ham friends, wanted to do a tribute to his memory.

After some preparation we requested to the telecommunications authorities the following special callsign that we’ll use:


What’s the plan?

  • Special Activation: these Special callsigns will be used to do several activation during March 2023 from summits within mainland EA.
    When activating we’ll always add the suffix /P

    Alerts will be put in Sotawatch, as the dates will depend upon the weather. We hope to be lucky around the significant March 11th weekend.

  • Special Chasing: as perhaps there are other activators who would like to have a QSO with us, we’ll be using also these callsigns to chase from home. This way we’ll increase the opportunities to log some near activators and other DX.
    When chasing we will not add the suffix /P, therefore wew are at home.

A specific website has been prepared with all information of this event:

  • You are invited to participate chasing these special calls or S2S maybe. If you wish, you can request at the beginning of May an electronic certificate of this Memorial Event:
    EGxGURU award

Try to log all 7 Special Event Stations from all round EA mainland!

Hear you from the summits. Sure Guru would have contributed with pleasure to this collective activation. May our friendship waves reach his current Summit.

73 EA2BD and the Memorial team


What a beautiful tribute.

I would love to hang this on my wall as a personal memorial…

I hope that I am successful.

73 Armin


I should arrive by ferry (transporta?) Santander 30 March and if weather suitable I will try for my first EA summit on 31 March.

EA1/CT-093 looks possible as I know we can stay in Liérganes by the railway station.

But I should be able to operate here in the UK earlier in March.


Guru is still in our memory.

He written on this reflector about one of our S2S QSO, he recorded it and send me afterwards.


On the way to a summit I passed the POTA spot where I had my last qso with Guru on his last activation.
I dedicate the little song to him.
73 Chris


Just a reminder of this upcoming activity in March.

In the last weeks we arranged the operators that will contribute to this memorial.
You’ll find familiar callsigns from all around mainland EA shown in the website, in the operators tab.

We are just wishing weather to become a bit better as we are having subzero temperature in many areas!

Hear you soon,
73 de EGxGURU & EG4IF team


Tomorrow March 1st we’ll see the start of EG#GURU activations.

Alert has already been placed for EG1GURU on EA1/LE-274, activated just 4 times. Thanks EA4DON and EA4DOS on tour for putting it on air.

Weather permitting there’s a chance that we’ll see EG7GURU as well.
Let’s see what the weekend brings.



Dear Ignacio,
Thanks to the EA team for this wonderful tribute. Please don’t forget 21 MHz and 28 MHz CW to give NA chasers a better path in these conditions.
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


Sure Mike, thanks!
I’m wishing to go and do an afternoon activation and try high bands.
In the next weeks I should try, and perhaps our first S2S then?

Some other EG#GURU will also do EU-NA timing activation…

I’ll alert here and there whenever possible.
73 Ignacio


Dear Ignacio,

I am pleased to report that the tribute to Guru, EA2IF, had a good start Wednesday.

From my lowly summit W2/GC-020 in New York I enjoyed an s2s with EG1GURU/P on EA1/AT-208 on 10 meters CW. I was also chased by home stations EG7GURU and EG4GURU on 10 meters CW. Bravo !!! Looking for many more s2s and chasing EG#GURU stations in the weeks ahead.

Mike, WB2FUV


A pleasure to have made QSO with you as EG4GURU. I look forward to doing S2S with you during this Guru tribute month with EG4GURU/P call.
73 de EA4R Alfonso


Also 28 Mhz s2s with me from a 300 metre peak in San Francisco. I ran 12 watts to an EFHW. Lots of QSB from EG1GURU, but we did it.

Eliott, K6EL


A great pleasure to work EG4GURU this evening on 20m SSB from Black Mountain VK1/AC-042, Canberra, Australia using special event callsign VI10SOTA.

73, Andrew VK1AD for VI10SOTA


Andrew, the pleasure was mine…two special callsigns of two SOTA events. I´ll try to do an activity looking for VK around the time of our QSO today…but very cold here in the morning

73 de EA4R Alf (One of the EG4GURU team)


I will report it was a pleasure to work EG2GURU yesterday from W0M/SF-029 on 20 meters. It was the last QSO in the log, and I’m glad I hung around for it!

A great tribute – thanks for doing this!

73, jim KK0U

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Hi Jim,
My pleasure to gave you the last QSO in the log!
For me it was the first chasing as EG2GURU.
Thanks QSO, I will look for you for S2S next time.

73 de Jorge EA2LU (One of the EG2GURU team)


Yesterday I activated the callsign EG1GURU for first time.
I only worked 10m band with a triple bazooka antenna in a vertical position and the venerable FT-817 with 5w. All in all, 9 NA DX, including S2S with @WB2FUV and @K6EL. Several stations from Brazil and also Europe in the log. At the top, stepping on snow and wearing two pairs of gloves. Special thanks to Mike and Elliott for the fantastic s2s made.
I hope to make contact again soon with this very special callsign.

73 de Javier EA2GM (One of the EG1GURU team)


After a week of rain, cold weather and snow in the nearby mountains I was eager to activate this morning (W6/CT-226). My main goal was to chase Guru memorial stations. Though I could not hear EG1GURU/P, EG2, EG4 and EG7GURU stations chased me on 12 and 10 meters. What a great way to honor Guru! Gracias Jorge, Alfonso y Jose. I hope to make more GURU QSOs in the coming weeks.
I think Guru would have appreciated this view from my summit this morning. Snowy Josephine Peak, W6/CT-025 and Strawberry Peak, W6/CT-018 (I believe) in middle left.

73, David N6AN


What a great idea and wonderful tribute to Guru. Thank-you to all who are activating with the GURU callsigns. I am trying to chase as many as I can of you guys!

73 Andrew G4AFI

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a great initiative and good participation both activators and hunters is the best tribute remembering Guru EA2IF.
Thanks to all for your participation