EA2IF Guru: Memorial EA Special event stations


During the first 5 days of EA2IF Guru Special callsigns, a total of 24 activation have been carried out, as you can see in the updated web page:

Thanks to all the activators who have run their stations from mountain top, and to all chasers who collaborate participating.

I did my first activation this morning and was rewarded with a big log full of familiar callsigns and S2S.
Thanks everybody for your support!

Many more days to come, weather permitting.

73 Ignacio (one of the EG2GURU team)


Many thanks for the S2S with EG5GURU. :slight_smile:

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And I’ve missed them all so far :frowning:

But that doesn’t really matter because this is such a cool thing to do in memory of our friend.


Huge work, many thanks Ignacio & team.
It was my big pleasure yesterday also been chased by one of them - as Ignacio stated above they are not only on summits :exclamation:

For the moment I have one to do: EG4IF :wink:

73, Jarek


I’ve also missed all the activations despite listening for them. I was called by two of the chaser stations though on Friday’s activation of G/NP-006. I did get a bit confused because I was on the receiving end of a 20m CW pile-up and in the cacophony all I could make out was G4. I asked for a resend and got the letters GUR but then a fourth letter came. That’s odd, I thought, G4 callsigns don’t have four letters. Then I realised it was GURU and there was a dit at the front. At least now I know what to listen out for.

Jarek, EG4IF is only for March 11…I think…

So stay tuned!!

73 de EA4R Alf

I went out to chase you on Thursday Richard and went about trying to chase some EG#GURU/p stations also. I was banking on being able to chase you on 20m from G/NP-029. I’d set an alert on my phone to notify me of any spots for G4TGJ/P. I reckoned that I had bit of time to kill, so I thought I’d earn the activation point first and then work you went you got to 20m.

Having heard nothing from the EG#GURU/P stations, I put out a CQ on 17m, first reply- EG4GURU! In not so many minutes, I’d added EG2GURU (twice) and EG3GURU (twice). My phone went ping (well actually it sent ‘SOTA’ in Morse, thanks Manuel! :grinning:), and I switched the links on the antenna quickly to 20m and worked you on G/SP-007 for the S2S I had wanted.

All aims achieved :slight_smile:

73, Colin


Oh no! I’m not available that day, I have to attend an 18th birthday party. Bummer

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It is a pity :frowning:
On March 11 I will activate as OK8MA/P, will see how will be possibility to work EG4IF then.
If it will be only one day I am afraid the winners will be big guns, not activators :wink:

73, Jarek

Jarek…easy, a S2S with EG4IF if you are on the air at the same time that EG4IF. The op of EG4IF plans to be on the air for a long time. Let´s see what happend
I will tell Rick EA4M,that when the plan is clear, write something here.

73 de EA4R Alf

There is time for everything!!

73 de EA4R Alf

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Thank you Alf :wink:

73, Jarek

EG4IF…only March 11 and 12. Confirmed

73 de EA4R Alf


It’s such a wonderful event!
This morning, 3 gurus in my log, EG7GURU and EG2GURU chased me also, a S2S with EG3GURU/P.
Thank you EA community.
I will never forget.
73, Éric VA2EO


HI, Thank you very much Eric for the contacts.
73 José


Received two calls from Guru on W0C/FR-054, Douglas Mountain, yesterday.
A pleasant and unexpected surprise from EG2 and EG7 working QRP from Colorado.
Jim - N0IPA


Hello guys
I have planned my activation of EG4IF for this saturday around 13:00 UTC , WE ( EA4HRJ and I ) are plannig to activate 40 20 15 10 and probably 30 meters in CW and SSB. As Victor (EA4HRJ) is newbie please be patient, we will stay in the summit for 5 hours looking for USA in the evening… Rigs to be used are MTR 20-40 meters ( It was a gift from Guru) and 817 …
Hope to hear you all in the summit!!!
73’s de Rick EA4M


Only for EA stations!!
Last Sunday the 5th, EG4GURU/P came out from the SOTA reference EA4/TO-009.

Due to my mistake when announcing the change of band, in 40m phone I put EA4/TO-006.

There are some stations that recorded the QSO but with the wrong reference

El pasado domingo dia 5, EG4GURU/P salió desde la referencia SOTA EA4/TO-009.
Por un error mío al anunciar el cambio de banda, en 40m fonía puse EA4/TO-006.
Hay algunas estaciones que se anotaron el QSO pero con la referencia incorrecta:

EA4GU EG4GURU/P EA4/TO-006 Cruces 7MHz SSB
EA5K EG4GURU/P EA4/TO-006 Cruces 7MHz SSB
EA9PD EG4GURU/P EA4/TO-006 Cruces 7MHz SSB

Por favor borrad el QSO y subirlo con la referencia correcta. Y uno de ellos no está en el log.

Disculpad las molestias.

73 de EA4R Alfonso (EG4GURU/P)

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Thanks for your plan to stay out late on EA4/TO-046 this Saturday to give NA stations a chance to work EG4IF. I know that many NA chasers will be anxiously calling you. I ask that you please keep an ear open for any weak “s2s s2s s2s” calls from NA summits. Enjoy!
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV

Hi Mike, of course I will open my ears to S2S!!!

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