EA2/NV-021 - Saioa

Hi! The video is online at

Andre F5UKL


YOU WELLCOME …. Great Jobs beutifull Panoramic… thanks 4 Movie :movie_camera: … my 73 im in to IN92eb ( Tudela ) i hoope SWL … regards to and Have a nice Days in the Región NA 44! Merci cult arounD the WorlD ( ivan pico ) :four_leaf_clover::soon:

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Hi! Ivan
Thanks for comments. It was the first time I hike in this part of spain. Nice place but some difficulties with motor home.
Best 73!
Andre F5UKL

Dear Andre

Thank you very much for the video… it reminded me of a wonderful SOTA vacation.

73 Armin

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Hi Armin!
Thanks for comments. I’m glad that this vidéo remind you some nice memories. Yes, it is a nice place to be. I was lucky about the weather because the day after was awful!
Best 73 ans cuagn on the air.
Andre F5UKL