DX stations / 1st CW pile up

Hey All,

Today I activated VE6/RA-024, I got on summit after 6.7 km’s of hiking and turned my G90 down to 5 watts and started calling CQ on 20m not expecting much and wow was I surprised by the pile up that ensued, I made my first 3 DX CW contacts today EA2BD/EA7GV/PA5KM thank you guys you made todays long hike worth it hands down.

@KR7RK thank you for you patience and for the S2S That was a confidence booster and I look forward to future QSO’s with you.

To the rest of the chasers that where still calling after I went QRT I apologize but the cold wind took it’s toll and I could barely feel my fingers but try again next time I will do my best to get you.

73 De VE6JTW, Jesse


Hi Jesse, congratulations on the 1st cw pile up and your activation. Well done. :+1: :beers:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Thanks Geoff !!

Congratulations Jesse!!
I was surprised to hear you as it is usually difficult for me to log SOTA qso from western part of NA; you are my first VE6 sota chase and therefore you also made my day!
I ran with 70 w into a 2 element hexbeam.

Thanks so much for your patience to complete our qso, the pile up was huge and many of the chasers, as I did, adopted a reduced CW speed, that helped a lot.

Once you have tried a succesfull CW activation, even with nerves and mistakes, you’ll sure progress and start enjoying it more and more, and in some time your capabilities will improve, both decoding and sending.

Thanks again, I’ll be glad to meet you soon again.
73 de Ignacio EA2BD


I’m happy to be your first VE6 sota chase! And absolutely look forward to it again. I’m practicing every chance I get to get myself better at copying, Im not doing to shabby for only starting to learn cw 4 mknths ago but have miles still to go to play with the big boys.

But I digress Thank you and I hope to get you in the log again soon.

73 De VE6JTW, Jesse