DX S2S attempt - Easter Saturday 31st March 2018

I wanted to reply to Ed DD5LP - and so the new thread needs to be created anyway - so here we are!

The most likely scenario is that I’ll be hitting the road after the gig and driving home to Macclesfield, probably getting in around 3am local, making a 0530z SOTA activation less likely than very unlikely.

However, there is a very slim possibility of me overnighting in South Wales - which could open up the possibility of taking part from a GW/SW reference. More likely is that I try to drive home, get part of the way, decide I’m too tired, and pull into a lay-by or services for a nap. Then wake up at 5am, and think to myself “G(W)/AB-xyz isn’t too far from here, I’ll go and join in the S2S event”. I’ve done a few SOTA activations this way since going on the road with the band!

Still more likely that I’ll go home, go to bed and have a lie-in though!

Ed after the washout of last Saturday I’m on for this (wx permitting again). I was thinking of doing something similar anyway. Nice to work you on Saturday from home

Just the two alerts so far. I’m still mulling over logistics that would allow me to join in, whether that be in South Wales, Cheshire or somewhere between.

Any VK / JA interest?

VK2LAX and hopefully VK1AD. (TBC).

73 Ed.

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Hi Ed and Tom,
Good Friday is a good choice! WX forecast sounds not too bad here in DL, so I and maybe another one or two friends plan to join in. What can we do to attract more VKs and ZLs? (i.e. The station with most s2s-contacts will be rewarded with a special bottle of Hessian apple wine?)

Chris DL4FO nr.Frankfurt

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Hi Chris,
Unfortunately the WX forecast down here in Bayern is no longer looking good for all of next week. It seems a couple of VK/ZL activators are heading out for our Saturday morning (there’s also an AM/160m activity happening, so some are combining both actions it seems). Here are the current alerts:


For me a lot will depend on what actually comes with the weather, but I have alerted DL/AL-171 Eisenberg for Saturday 31st. and IF the Wx is anything like, my hope is to get two 6 pointers in on Good Friday (30th). but these will be too late for any long path contacts as the cable car only leaves after the LP windows has passed.

Over the last few days, those who have gone out early for long path have not been rewarded with many (if any) contacts. The MUF predeictions for the next month are not looking good either.

As always, we wont know unless we try!

73 Ed.

Hmm weather forecast not promising at the moment (but it can still change). I’ll keep my plans for the time being

As it turns out our four day long weekend here has left me with an open calendar, so I’ll be taking another crack at things from VK2/CT-032.

I’m planning Saturday from Mt.Solus VK6/SW-030, this will be depending on getting clearance from mine site security. Probably won’t be allowed in if any blasting is planned in the area, but seeing that’s its Easter, I’m hoping nothing is planned as most will be on leave. I have a choice of 2 other Summits close by if Mt.Solus is a non-goer.

Will be looking for Europe on 20M and also VK ,ZL, will be able to do a few bands SSB and CW.


John VK6NU

OK, I “followed the path of the majority” and switched my alert to Saturday. I will not be active in rain, but forecast looks acceptable at the moment.

Looks like everyone’s going for Saturday rather than Friday. That suits me better too, and I’ve placed my alert.

Just got a pass-out for Saturday, I’ll alert when I’ve decided on a summit :-s

73 de Paul G4MD (though I’ll be using G6GGP…)

Wow! Great that everyone is going to try on Saturday - thanks.

I have to say, I don’t hold out a great hope but I’ve been wromg many times before. At least some inter-regional S2S should be possible if inter-continental isn’t!

73 Ed.

WX looks promising here too, so I’ll try to participate. I have no idea what part of the country I’ll be in, but I’m sure there’s a summit nearby.

@VK6NU Will you have 160m and/or AM as well?
I’ll be staying on the summit until well after dark looking for top band contacts. Be great to work you.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

Hi Gerard,

No 160 meter antenna and may have to stop around 08:00 depending on whats happening with a possible friends birthday dinner on that night.
Hopefully catch you on other bands.



I will be about on a seldom activated summit, Mt Coricudgy VK2/CT-009. Only accessible by foot or bicycle with a mighty steep push to get there.
A thrill coming back down with smoking brakes !
Carrying all water, none up on Coricudgy. As before will camp up there and looking for S2S DX.

No 160M, have enough trouble getting a 80M dipole up as it is.

73’s Wal VK2WP

@VK6NU 0800z probably a bit early for VK2-VK6 on top band anyway so hope to work you on the higher bands.

@VK2AOH OK on 160m. Wrangling the antenna is the reason I don’t get on there too often. I’ll have 80m as well and hope to work you there.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

Hope to hear from you Gerard and will give 80M a good run given conditions on 40M as of late. Might be a bit of a struggle dragging out the whole dipole for 80, remember even a 40M dipole things were a bit tight.

After finishing the activation at Mt Coricudgy intend to go onto Kerry Mountain which is a few km’s further on with probably another nights camp.
Have read there is a dam with drinking water there near an old hut on Kerry Mountain.

Still looking at maps so will see how things pan out when I get there.

Very remote untraveled area bordering on the Wollemi National Park.

73’s Wal VK2WP

Just looking at WSPRNet at the moment (0620 UTC) and it looks like short path from VK to NA and from EU to NA is open on 40m. So this may be worth considering for some DX contacts on Saturday if 20m long path isn’t working between EU and VK. (presuming some chasers are awake in NA of course).

73 Ed.