Dusted off the Ten-Tec Today

It had been a while since I used my Ten-Tec Century 22. What a fun radio. I didn’t really plan on recording the QSO so it’s a bit of a hack job while holding my phone in one hand :joy:

Thanks @W7DLZ Derek for the QSO. I chased @K9PM on 15 right after this but didn’t record that one! Thanks Paul for the QSO!



I was looking for one of those. The century 21 was apparently sold in reasonable numbers, but the only thing I found searching for century 22 was a receiver. So I’m pleased to see the TT 22 does exist.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA


Thanks Josh for recording that!!! What a great old radio! It certainly sounds fantastic!
The only other time I know of that someone recorded our CW QSO was when I was on W6/NS-392 with Rob, K6KM. DL4FDM recorded our CW QSO and sent it to me! What a great surprise that was as well!

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That’s just what I was thinking. You could listen to it for ages without getting tired.

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Very true! It really is a joy to listen to. I also have a Century 21 which sounds great as well - but not quite as nice as the C22.

Here is another fun one. I worked @KX0R on 10 and then heard @LU1MAW calling. Thanks for the QSOs on 10/15/20 from the Hermanator Today guys (@W7UM ). I was surprised you didn’t wake up the old goat @wG0AT tromping around in his backyard :laughing:

Hi Josh,

Here’s what you sounded like on my end up on Antelope Peak (W7A/PN-036).


73 de K9PM



Very cool Paul, thanks for the QSO and the recording! The old rig sounds pretty good :+1:

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Another day, another SOTA chase on my vintage Ten-Tec. Today I turned on the Century 21 Digital for the first time in over a year. Here is a chase of @K7GT - thanks for the QSO Grant!

You can also hear other chasers in this video: @WA7JTM @W5ODS @KR7RK @KB6QEW @KE6MT @K6TUY


Very nice rig!


Turns out the internal speaker is toast, which is why it sounds so harsh. Just found a suitable external speaker and it sounds MUCH better! @K7GT thanks for another QSO =)

Here are two more from Today - @W6LOR and @K6STR on a summit in CA. Got Lor on 15 just after @JH1MXV. Got Mike on 20. The C21 sounds so much better on the external speaker… will have to replace the internal speaker.

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Hi Josh, great videos. Tell me, does Ten-Tec still manufacturing ham rigs?

They were bought out by another company. Lot of drama. Sadly, you can’t currently buy anything or get service from Ten-Tec. Perhaps they will come back some day. One of the last rigs they made was the Eagle 599 which I need to ‘collect’ one of these days =)

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Another day, another fun SOTA chase. This time I was using my original MTR3 that has been modified for 17 meters to chase @KX6I … enjoy:


Today I have some short clips of chasing @KX0R and @W7UM with the Elecraft K1. Thanks for the QSOs guys!

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Today’s entry: One of my W7W buddies, @KJ7LLS

Other chasers you can hear in this video: @NT6E, @N6JZT, @NE4TN

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Today’s entry: @AD6VT on 15 SSB. I worked him first on 40, and was really surprised at how strong he was on 15 SSB. The summit is about 500 miles south of me. As I write this I’m listening to him working 20 SSB (about a 55 on 20).

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Thanks for the great QSO!


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Today’s entry: @N0DNF

Bonus material: S2S with @KX0R. @KE6MT. Peter @WB0POT tries to destroy my RX with his typical HUGE signal =) @NU7A gets in on the action (Bren is another W7W op).