Double activation DM/BW-018 and DM/BW-766

Hello together.

Yesterday I planned a double activation. Once with DL20SOTA/P on DM/BW-018 and one with my own call on DM/BW-766.

Arriving at the Blauen DM/BW-018 I stretched the wire.

After on 15m still nothing was going on I changed to 20m. The first QSO came with Gerard @VK2IO into the log. I could not believe it almost. One of my few QSOs to Australia and the first from a Summit :slight_smile: That made me very happy. With DL20SOTA/P about 100 QSOs came into the log. Many thanks to all chasers and to Alain @F5ODQ for the s2s.

And a special thanks to Nick @G4OOE and Tim @G4YBU for your patience with me. You were both completely the same to hear and could only ever read out the G4. My G4? G4? didn’t make it any better. My CW continues to need a lot of practice. It worked out after all!

After that i went to Hohwildsberg DM/BW-766.

Also here arrived the wire was tightened and i could start. The QSOs on this mountain were interrupted and disturbed by various “attacks” of ants hi :ant: Fortunately there was a stone, there I could stand on it and lead in the standing the QSOs - something different :wink:

You don’t always have to sit hi. Also here thanks for the many QSOs to all :+1: :wave:

I worked on both mountains with a Yaesu 817 and a Random Wire.

See you soon again.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Hi Marcel

Thanks very much for the qso. Of course I couldn’t hear Tim calling you the same time as me. Anyway not a problem, we made it successfully!

I look forward to next time.

Nick G4OOE


Hello Marcel
It was a real pleasure to contact you twice in S2S.
Since the first summit in EA2/NV-084 with DL20SOTA/P and in the second time since my second summit in EA2/NV-179 with BM/BW-766.

See you soon to do two S2S again
73’ Alain


Hi Marcel,
Many thanks for both QSO.
You CW is OK!

73 Moises EA4MZ

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Nice to contact you on both the summits, Marcel

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It was wonderful to work you Marcel.
Thanks so much for the contact!

Finally it is possible to start hearing EU stations again from VK after a very long drought.
I look forward to many more.

Gerard - VK2IO