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Do SK's get removed from specific associations?

This question came about since I was looking into some first-time activations in my area (W7U/WS) and a there were a number from a ham who lived here (now an SK), but he doesn’t show up under W7U, although he is under “All W” activators.

So, I was just curious about any policy or practice when an activator becomes an Silent Key.

In one sense, it would be nice to keep them in the association they were in–it’s like a feeling of he’s one of us, let’s keep him listed. Maybe they could be identified in some way as an SK. I don’t know, just wondering and wanted to know the thoughts on the subject out there.


Mike AC0PR

Hi Mike,

This was discussed recently… see: MT - please consider this


-Josh WU7H


Hi Mike
you have this topic talking about Silent Key, may be help you !

73 Éric


Thanks, I appreciate that, but that only addresses part of my question. The part about them staying on their association list is what I’m mainly concerned with. The Silent Key in question is K9JWV, he’s also not under W9, nor W6 (where is has activated at times).

As far as I know, we don’t remove them from the association list.

This SK ham probably had no local Association when he started so joined the All-W Association. W7U came on line on July 1st 2010, before that those in that State had to join other Associations. There is no policy to move or remove SKs, they remain listed in their Association for as long as SOTA lasts.


Thanks so much, I appreciate the responses! With that I found him in W7Y.

Mike AC0PR

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That’s because his home association is set to W7Y. And yes, before you ask, it’s difficult to find someone’s home association from the combined association honour rolls (ALL W, ALL EA etc.) Users will have to examine each association and search for the call. Or offer me strong drink and I’ll look inside the data!

It’s seems odd that W7Y is set and it can be set to W7U for no effort as can adding /SK to his DB call so it shows as K9JWV/SK, sorry but that’s the only option on the DB.

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Thanks, Andy. I will leave that to you guys in MT to decide, as I wouldn’t feel I have the right to make the decision to implement such changes on his behalf. I started activating a few months after his last activation.

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Jim, K9JWV, was a friend, and had frequent QSO’s with him. He and I worked together in 2011/12 experimenting with miniaturized versions of the AA5TB tuner for QRP end-fed half wave antennas. No longer have any of the early versions because have made them even smaller now :wink: Jim’s days were cut short by exposure to Agent Orange during the Viet Nam War… 73 fred kt5x


I just checked and he is marked on the reflector as SK but it shows last seen at 12th April 2009.

Sorry to hear Jim is SK, My last QSO with him was 12 Aug.2015
I am also a Viet Nam Vet. 1968 + 1969 Marines!
Gary-- N2ESE


Sorry to hear that Jim K9JWV is now Silent Key, my thoughts are with his family.

Jimmy M0HGY


In VK call signs are recycled. If they are nor moved from the normal SOTA data base to an archive or bin when the current holder expires that will mean that I for one will continue to be a pest from the grave when the next VK3AFW activates. Or when he tries to register with SOTA.

I suggest the AM be responsible for informing the DBM that the activator is deceased.


In Germany, callsigns are also being re-allocated. Perhaps there is a deadline. But it may well be that they will reappear at SOTA.
Earlier I had a license for 144 und up and I was DC4AK. After the morse exam I became DL6GCA. DC4AK is assigned again… and now under the amended laws he can do shortwave as well.

As far as I know you can even apply for a callsign change and get a free callsign with a desired letter combination. Then it gets all weird.

73 Armin

I see no problem as long as the earlier incarnation of the callsign is marked in some way. Of course the MT will often only know that a callsign has been reissued when a new applicant hits a problem. I suggest that besides /SK we have /R for renounced.

Or Reissued or Reused or Recycled …

The /R following a callsign used to mean Robot.

If possible… I think that’s a nice idea… it also has something of respect for the former owner of the callsign.

73 Armin

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