DM/NS-160 & 127: APRS SOTA vs aprés SOTA


Aprés SOTA (good old tradition):

Detailed activation report is to follow.


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Is it plain whisky the liquid in your glasses???

Muhaha, no, it’s Hot Whiskey:
Pour a reasonable amount of plain Whiskey* into a glass,
add a teaspoon of honey and
a lemon slice pricked with cloves.
Fill up with hot water.


  • Irish Whiskey is best, dont use an expensive one.

I see your Tullamore dew and raise you:


p.s. I have just been told, put lemon near any of those and he will cut your hands off… just saying

Hi Pom,
Toddy a great recipe.
Recipe here in East Sussex is a 1 pint glass.
1/3 glass spirits.
3 lemons squeezed and then remains thrown into glass - minus seeds/pip
3 tablespoons of honey
Then bring to the top of the glass hot water.
Drink it within a minute.
Clean your teeth.
Go to bed.
I have only used this recipe when I have had a bad cold/flu but I am sure it works for other reasons :sunglasses:
Night night
PS: I was not around much this weekend but did see your spot, listened, but too much noise to speak with you - oh well.

I wouldn’t dare to abuse any of these Whiskies (the ones I recognise) for Hot Whiskey. :wink:


PS: Somebody’s hidden a ten-yearish Ardbeg in this picture. Can you spot it?


Oh yes Mike, I always make a proper Hot Whiskey when I feel I’m getting a cold. But there seems to be lots more active substances in your recipe. Tnx, will try it!


means Alcohol Prior to Real Sota?

ahh, I think we would get on well!

Featured there is a
Laphroig (Islay)
Jura - 2 types
Lagavulin 16 year old
Bunnahabhain (Islay, I love this)
Old Pulteney (Scotland most northerly mainland distillery, lovely)
Glen Moray (often an affordable oft drinkiing whisky)

Not shown, Talisker from mull, must get a new bottle. Sadly some of the bottles in the photo are very low, this is something I’m going to need to fix.

It was supposed to be Alcohol Post Real Experience of Sota.


now you’ve suggested the idea of Prior…

Now you’ve got me going, we could expand the languages and have

Alcohol Pendant Real Experience of Sota

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Not prior SOTA, during SOTA.
What I’ve learnt from the Scots is always to have a good Single Malt with me when climbing a summit. Just a little sip is so refreshing.

And I think too we’d get on well. The only bottle I haven’t recognised is the Bunnahabhain. But I think I had it once and it was nice.
Laphroig is my favourite closely followed by Talisker.



Now for the activation report again:

17 m 7 qso’s, incl. LA8/PF1BRE/mm
20 m 37 qso’s, incl. 2 s2s, W1 and EB2EB2EB2 (must be special call sign :wink: )

10 m 6 qso’s: TR, VE1, VE3, K2, A5, DL. And PU2 but he wasn’t able to give a report in four overs so nil.
20 m 10 qso’s incl. N4

Very rare, especially as it is distilled on Skye :wink:

oh s**t so it is. I was thinking of Tobermory! I first tasted both on a cycle trip starting from Perth to Oban, through Mull, then Ardnamurchan, through Skye and onwards and upwards. Add Tobermory to the wish list.

Good job one of us is awake (and sober :wink: )

Too much noise to have qso with me?
You can take your time as i always work the whole pileup. I stay on freq at least until three cqs have not been answered.


With all this interest in the good stuff - in other words the malt, can I recommend to enthusiasts Feis Ile - I have enjoyed a few of these as they tend to coincide with the Jura Fell Race - I don’t run it but have been a race marshall several times - and if you can avoid the tipple for a bit you can activate some great summits - DSCF0565 | Raynet Support for Jura Fell Race 2007 | Jim | Flickr SI-013 (left) and SI-018 (right) from the summit of SI-022.

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Tullamore dew :kissing_heart:

Awaits the feed back and runs for the Anderson shelter. :scream:

Do like me JD, must admit :yum:

Peeks over from the shelter door is it clear yet :scream_cat:


Karl, it must be 20 years since I last had any Bourbon and I cannot remember anything about it, I can’t remember if it was Jim Beam or Jack Daniels. However, they’re different things to Malts. It’s a personal taste issue.

I’ve never tried a Tullamore Dew so can’t comment but I try to avoid blended whisky. Single Malts are in general so much better and as a diabetic I have to keep a close eye on consumption so I may as well drink fewer glasses of really good malts rather than buckets of blended stuff. Some of the special finishes elevate good malts into outstanding malts. In particular these are Glenmorangie Lasanta (a sherry cask finish) and The Balvennie Caribbean Cask (14yr old finished in dark rum casks). Those two are so far above just about all the others you find easily available in local shops. Not cheap however.

Andy @GM8OEG, Old Poultney is a splendid drink and one of the best distillery tours I’ve ever done. Recommended. Tobermory is not on the favourites list nor is standard Isle of Jura but Jura Superstition is nice stuff. Laphroaig Quarter Cask takes wonderful Laphroaig and enhances it. It’s £3 more a bottle but worth it. That and a Caribbean Cask are my 2 favourites now.

Pom @DG7ACF,

+1 :smile:

There are plenty of whiskies which are really towards the less distinguished end of the scale when drunk on their own that work well with mixers and other additions. And when there’s only Bells Whisky you can always switch to Absolut Vodka!

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Just being picky, Jack Daniels do not make Bourbon,