DM new summits list published

Without any further notice the MT has uploaded a new DM summits list to the SOTA database on December, 1st. This list is also the data basis for SOTAWatch and SOTA Mapping Project.
It is available as part of:

This list shows an end date of March, 1st, 2016 for all DM references not complying with P150. 600 summits will be deleted from currently total 961 in DM. The 15 summits starting validity on March, 2nd, 2016 are partly reactivated, partly moved references and especially in DM/TH partly new references.
So from March, 2nd, 2016 DM will have around 385 (I expect some errors to be fixed) valid references.

Please note: This list was neither prepared by the German association manager nor his regional managers. The MT has taken over administration of DM and so this list is in the MT’s responsibility.

Currently SOTAWatch does not correctly handle the end of validity of the DM-summits.
So for all summits to be deleted the following actions fail:

  • Posting spots via the SOTAWatch website (some other means of spotting may work)
  • Displaying the association and region lists including this summits

Still working:

  • Posting alerts via the SOTAWatch website
  • Distance search

73 de Michael, DB7MM
DM association manager without rights and duties

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Sorry to say that, but this list is a list of shame for the MT…there are so many mistakes in this list…

73 de Tom

Enough of the moaning and whinging like spoilt children.

Germany will have the same rules as everywhere else.

If you don’t like it, go and do something else.