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Unwanted discussion

Andy, it might have helped your argument if you had quoted a data source like Tom did.

I think that is a question for the summits team, which neither Andy or I are members of. Wiki does appear to give 307 metres (I say “appear” because I am depending on Google translate, the article being in German) but Wiki is notorious for errors and inaccuracies so the question must be resolved by the experts.


If you use e simple map you can see the 900m line in the near of the summit…the summit is 1018m high…so for sure more then 115,5m…and the terrain is falling down more. The 850m line is only a few meters away.
But…I give up…

73 de Tom

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Another example: why is the “Ruppberg” (dm/th-014) in the list again? … only 127 m prominence = yet still p150?

I’am surprised about that. 73, Joachim

Well Wikipedia is not a qualitative reference. For a short time me there was a page saying how much I looked like George Clooney which is obviously wrong.

The thing being overlooked is maybe, just maybe, the summit team know what they are doing.

A quick look at the 860m line round that summit shows that it isn’t closed round the summit in anything like the way the 900m one is. I don’t have easy access to good enough maps of ther area to find out exactly what the 860m contour encloses, but it is a very considerably larger area than the 900m one.

If you look at the entry in the database for that summit you will see it remains valid only until March next year. Activate it while you can.

Sigh… Deja vu


I know from experience that there are folks in Germany that are very capable of producing a very clean P150 list. After all it was eventually done last time for P100 using TOP50 maps for absolute verification. It seems that no one was prepared to help do it this time because of the dreaded application of consistent prominence rules… Which really should have been done last time but it wasn’t!

Rather than propagating and continuing the “unwanted discussion” here either:

A) Step forward and help the summits team clean the list


B) if no one wants to help apply the change (even if they have the knowledge) then they have to accept that they really have no right to whinge about it.

73 Marc G0AZS


In any case, contour lines are not to be trusted. Often the survey of a mountain consists of a few traverses with a level and staff giving lines of dots of more or less known heights and the contours are drawn in freehand based on those dots.


i think Germans had a lot of time to do 150m correction by self (as we did in OE)
but just wait for work of others and then scream that some is not ok ???
very strange

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True. They’re a rough guide, only good for a quick check, but that 860m contour goes off in ways that could easily enclose other higher summits, so the claimed 307 metres prominence is clearly highly suspect, and while 100 metres prominence is probably easy enough to demonstrate, claims of 150 metres prominence obviously need careful examination. I’m sure the summits team have given it a very good look using the best data they can get hold of (which will certainly be better than the contours Google Maps provides), and if they say it doesn’t have 150 metres prominence I’ll believe them.


Wondering if someone also questioned the winter bonus, e.g. applying the same gradation as in OE, F, HB9, … ?


For prominence you have to look AROUND the summit, not just in one direction.
Following the 850 meter contour line you will see that there are several higher peaks inside the 850 contour. A few examples are Fichtelberg, Klínovec, Plešivec and Blatenský vrch . For the exact heights I am not sure. It could well be that Germany and Czech Republic use a different reference.

73, Hans PB2T


Archie MacLooney would be more like it :smile: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt6g6icDI1U - Archie makes his first appearance at 18:06. They don’t write 'em like that any more…

hello Thomas,
you have problems with bureaucracy.
We wait for your
promised QSLing on LotW
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logs of all your SOTA-activations

Please concrete proposals to better SOTA listings only …
SOTA - team works on honorary basis

73 de Mike, dj5av


With the hope of not adding oil to the fire, a factual view of the changes can be seen on http://www.on6zq.be/p/SOTA/SOTAsummits.htm?list=DM , sorting the list on the column “ValidTo”.

People like me who often activate in the DM region might find it useful in order to plan their next activations.


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come on chaps its only a hobby!!!

Merry Christmas to ALL

Tony - G7OEM

Yes, it isn’t life or death - it’s much more important than that! :wink:

I just found what I wanted. The Mute button at the foot of the discussion. Promises to stop notifying me about this thread. Phew.

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