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DL6FBK/P was announced on sotawatch active from DM/BW-847, good for 10 points. The database shows that the summit is valid from 2 March 2016.
Points can’t be claimed of course. I think it would be better not to show spots of summits that do not exist yet.

73, Hans PB2T

It’s an old problem with SOTAwatch. Hopefully the new version will take account of summit validity dates. Either way, activators need to take a bit of care to get the details correct. That usually means checking the database itself rather than relying on SOTAwatch.


Thanks for your clarification. I see that “expired” summits can’t be spotted (I tried HB/VD-022).

73, Hans

A bit later DL6FBK appeared on DM/BW-313, which seems to be the summit reference until 1 March 2016.

I tried to enter a spot for DL6FBK/P from DM/BW-313 while he was on 15M CW (539 in NC) but SOTAwatch flagged the summit as not valid though the DM ARM indicates it is valid until 16 March 2016. ???

Spotting BW-313 in SOTA watch doesn’t work. Spotting using SOTA goat does work. I am lost.

Paul Michel DL6FBK has been in touch asking about this summit. Sadly he didn’t include his email address when he used the contact the MT form so we cannot reply to him. If someone has his email address can they send it to me so we can explain how he can find out details about summits and when they become valid.

That is what Michael DB7MM stated 3 days ago among other things. But it became misunderstood because of the topic being too hot or whatsoever.

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Hello Andy,
wouldn’t it be more efficient to publish the “how to handle” here once on the reflector. You might be afraid of another hot discussion. But sometimes it is easier to publish the facts once and that is it.
The one or the other DL still wants to activate summits that expire over Christmas holidays, for instance. I have no issue writing personal e-mails, but it does not seem to be efficient.

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Well yes I was going to write something on how to check things to put on here but as Paul Michel contacted the MT he deserves a personal reply.

There is an email address for him on QRZ Andy

I already found it and passed it on, but thanks.


I had a quite similar fault when activating DM/NS-166* last week. Tried to spot on sotawatch which was refused because of a void reference. Tried again with RRT and it worked.
There seem to be more faults in the current database. Maybe there’s a connection? DM/TH-828 and two other DM/TH summits have a wrong ‘valid to’ date, 01/03/2015. This occurred with the 01/12/2015 update of the database.


  • edit: corrected NS-159 to NS-166

Please send that reply ASAP. Paul now asks me for clarification because he claims that the MT does not answer to his questions.

I think Paul has a damn cheek to be honest Hans. I’m working away from home in France, working 9am-7pm most days, then I have a few hours for myself followed by several hours replying to work emails I have not been able to attend to during the working day. And some guy is moaning because he misread the website and hasn’t yet had a reply to his email. Sheesh!

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[quote=“PB2T, post:14, topic:12126”]Paul now asks me for clarification[/quote]Perhaps he should come here and see the clarifications for himself, (using a translation tool if necessary)…

Rick, I have an additional question for you:
Yesterday I was on DM/HE-020. This summit will be deleted 1 March 2016. This summit IS NOT shown on the summit list.
Later this month I plan to activate OE/TI-048. This summit will be deleted 31 December 2015. This summit IS shown on the summit list.
It looks that Austrian and German summits are treated differently.

Apparently we look at different pages

You on sotadata. Me on sotawatch.
Spotting from sotawatch is not possible.
The spelling “checker” insists on stopwatch.

[quote=“PB2T, post:19, topic:12126”]You on sotadata. Me on sotawatch.[/quote]The actual database is the first thing to check if something’s odd with summit data on SOTAWatch. SOTAWatch’s lists are derived from SOTAdata, so best guess is that there’s been a glitch in the transfer between the database and SOTAwatch…

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