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Hi Hans, well work is over now, 30mins before we go to a bar and then fly home tomorrow… time to reply to many emails and post like this properly.

The database is the reference, everything else gets its data from the database.

So the summits list at http://www.sotadata.org.uk/summits.aspx is the golden reference. If you cannot find the summit here then it is not valid today. Maybe it will be valid tomorrow or was yesterday. You can use the summitslist.csv file for a list of every summit and its current start and end dates. However, you cannot check if there are more dates than those listed i.e. a summit was valid, then invalidated then validated again, well you will only get the latest dates.

If you know the name or ref you can search here http://www.sotadata.org.uk/summitReport.aspx and you will be able to see summits whether they are valid or not.

These are the only ways to be sure.

SOTAwatch is old software that Jon is very soon about to end-of-life. We don’t want to waste too much effort on it and it is exhibiting a bug with any date in 2016. Maybe that will be fixed soon but Jon would rather spend time on the replacement. And he moved house recently so he may have less time to work on SOTA projects, work on the new is the best use of his time.

SOTAwatch gets its data from the database. The new one will do much more of the accessing when it wants rather than having to manual import data etc. The new SOTAwatch has lots of features that let all of the MT control it unlike the old version. We will need to ensure that it doesn’t do too much database accessing because we are on a shared hosting package and we need to be considerate of other users… we shall see.

Also a few dates in the DM update got entered as 2015 not 2016. They’ll be fixed when I get back to GM.

So lots of issues that are slowly being fixed.


I didn’t see a request for features for a SOTAwatch update. Can you give a hint about new features.

I like the features here, especially the filtering. The presentation is nice, too.



The idea is that SOTAwatch on the new site behaves much the same as now but there is an API so that people can write “apps” that use the API to get data like spots and alerts and display them differently.

So in this case the filter program, spotfilter, may look and feel the same as now but instead of having to scrape the SOTAwatch display or using the RSS feed, the app can interact directly with SOTAwatch.

That way, SOTAwatch is the centre of the data and you use it as is or some other filter/display.


To all, who contacted me on DM/BW-847:
Pse apologize for this mistake. I activated the summit on a unvalid date,
because I didnt know that is valid from 02March2016!
I will give a new chance in march 2016.
Thank you for understanding
73 Paul


Hi Paul, No apologies needed. Looking forward to contacting you again.