Distance charts

Well its quiet for Sota SSB stations at moment

so having a browse around the site found this part on where you can type in a distance and the sotas within that distance come up.

Rather interesting it be BUT how come I can’t get it to greater than 800KM shame really as going through it i can see my nearest is 13.2km away being DC-001.

But it does give you ideas of what distance to say nearest another country Sota site be for example GM is over 500km

My list is of nearest country’s sota is

GW 136km
F 187 km
EI 267 km
GD 412 km
GI 430 km
GM 496 km
ON 687 km
LX 725 km
PA728 km
DM 752 km
EA 773 km

all workable on 40m and have done it on 40m as well as well done them on 20m hmmm



Which site Karl?

oh sorry

Go into summits top of page

Sota distance tap on that and put in the KM
Found it rather intriguing in which country is in line to each other in distance nearest to me.



I assume you are talking about the SOTA Mapping Project ‘Range’ page. Why not send a request via the ‘contact’ tab to see if the range can be extended. No harm in asking the builder DM1CM.

73 Glyn


Only recently found it and found out what i can reach in set 100Km distances and countries in order as well as 2nd country to me is Wales and third is France.

Was rather interesting as one tends to look up the distance between me and the Sota worked. Especially when you get a 300km trip into wales on 20m and 500km skip into scotland from here.

thanks again for that one


Karl, is this on the SOTA mapping project website?

No, I think he means the “Summits” link on the SOTAwatch website.

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that function before ! :open_mouth:

Yep you is correct, not very good at this

Now this is interesting. Once your list is up don’t add extra KM to, it not seemed to like it. Best bet is go back a page and re add a set distance in got me 1000km come up now.

But is a very interesting and clever page.

sussed it now


Hi Karl,
I’m still not claer which web page you are going to - can you post the URL here please.

If you are referring to the:

Relative to home QTH: 1156.2 km, 290 degrees

Line in the Summits information page, that’s been there for a while (very useful if you need to swing a beam in the correct direction).

But I don’t think you are referring to this are you?



Also discovered this page on sota
its brilliant http://www.sotamaps.org/spots.php


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Thanks for the clarification - that’s a couple of levels higher in the web-structure than I was looking at.


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nice page I hadn’t noticed either!

Been using this function for a while now, great info to use to set yourself a personal target if you think reaching mountain goat status may take some time due to family and work commitments. My target is to complete any summits within 100km of my QTH, out of the 91 summits I have aprox 36 left to go.


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