Datamode SOTA Event

Unfortunately I’m working this Saturday, otherwise I’d join in.

I’d love to see your attempt Fraser. I tried it back in 2021 & found that you need to be prepared for it.
i.e. Have several custom messages pre-programmed (such as the summit reference, maybe a couple of others such as “TU SOTA” etc).

Note also that your locator (sent when calling CQ) will be different…not sure how many people would be bothered about that.

I also got caught out with the callsign as I went over the border into Wales. The first couple of calls it sent out M0GQC (as if I was at home) as opposed to MW0GQC/P…I corrected that fairly quickly before it caused too much confusion!

Here was my attempt:-

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My third most popular video James

And i really enjoyed this one. Roasting hot day. I did forget my tablet, so did ft8 from my phone.


That’s not an issue James.The locator can be set manually in the software, via a GPS dongle, or even read from your phones GPS.


I must have missed those videos when they were released. I consider myself comprehensively reprimanded!!!

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Sending the locator grid is a problem in my experience when you have a “complex callsign”. For example, I’ve used the callsign M0WIV/P from a SOTA summit using FT8 but the system didn’t send my grid, only the callsign. To get the grid sent I had to use my basic callsign of M0WIV.

Sending the summit reference is also a challenge. In theory you can use a Tx macro but I’ve found this hard to do in an activation using a small screen.

I’m sure we can muddle through but in the longer term it might help to develop a best practice.


It’s riveting stuff.

Already established. See the video above.

No problem using /P and still sending the grid - again, see the video above.

As regards a VHF FT8 session, by far the best time for this is the first Wednesday evening of each month when the 2m FT8 activity contest is in progress. Lots of activity to play with, but not so busy as to inhibit S2S attempts.


Prehaps we should have a @SOTA group for JS8call
That would be a very interesting mode for SOTA I think

Or a PSK31 QSO party?


All these things are possible, and just need someone with genuine enthusiasm, energy and knowledge of the mode(s) to propose the event and publicise it.

I did a lot of PSK31 SOTA in the past, but find that mode slow and cumbersome nowadays. I’ve also tried (unsuccessfully) JS8 but didn’t really get my head around it - and there was next to no activity anyway.

I’ll personally stick to running something based around the FT4/8 protocols where I know what I’m talking about and would be confident of plenty of activity including S2S. If anyone wants to try to whip up some interest with other datamodes, be my guest!

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Hi all,
If not occupied domestically I’ll try chasing. A bit earlier would help with grey line propagation but if you don’t try you won’t know if there is anything else.

Tom I agree PSK31 is a road no longer worth travelling.




so far everything (familiy, weather, rig) looks good to join tomorrow from 8 to 10 UT from DM/NW-207 on 40, 30 and 20 m. By the way, compared to the average “599 tu 73” CW/SSB SOTA QSO FT4 (FT8) seem to me being the corresponding DATA mode. No time for rag chewing to serve as many chasers as possible.

cu, 73, Frank


There is an issue with a /P station trying to work another /P station for example in an S2S QSO. Whilst operating /P in France from a cottage the JTDX software that I use would not allow me to complete a QSO with another /P SOTA station. The same things goes for WSJT-X. It’s a well known issue. So if you are using /P and find you are blocked from completing with a /P station you may complete if one, or both of you, edit out the /P from your callsign.

73 Phil G4OBK


Useful tip?

As an FT8 chaser I have taken to ticking the SkipTX1 box when calling activators in FT8 as I do when chasing a DX Station. It saves time in QSO and most stations either know it as IO94 or are not interested in getting it.

40m FT8 QSO made just now on F/AB-544 Belle Vue. It was Bruno @F6HHK operating as TM15SOTA using this technique. Thank you Bruno, signals briefly in at -17 to -24 bottom of the SNR range possible, distance 1120 km.

ScreenHunter 63
73 Phil


This is a sensible idea Phil, and I know a lot of the serious DXCC chasers adopt it. I’ve kept meaning to adopt it for chasing DX but usually forget - probably because I assumed I’d have to remember to manually check Tx2 on my initial call. I never realised/noticed/imagined there was a “SkipTX1” checkbox - I’ll have to seek that out (unless the WSJT-Z version I use doesn’t have it).

/P to /P works fine with 5 character calls - eg I’ve had several S2S with Roger F5LKW/P. In fact it’s also worked OK with Peter MW0PJE/P with whom I have regular S2S QSOs. I agree that longer calls (CEPT) can be problematic for S2S.

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OK Tom

This is the front end of JTDX. The SkipTX1 tick box is above the TX message columns. The version of WSTX-X I have on my PC is 2.2.2 and it doesn’t have the Skip1TX tick box. I went over to JTDX a year or so ago, as I find it partners better with Logger 32 than WSJT-X does using the UDP function.

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I use WSJT-Z because I like the full-automode. This level of automation is not available in JTDX AFAIAA.

The logging into Logger32 works FB via UDP for me. The only (slight) issue is that the TX PWR is not logged; I am not sure why. But it is a quick easy job to fill those boxes in.

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We had a problem with something once though. Was it GB20SOTA and MW0PJE/P ? Dropping the /P in tx2 solved it I recall.

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Hi Tom

In WSJT-X the Skip TX1 is achieved by double-clicking the TX1 button - hover over it to check in WSJT-Z
Well hidden !

73 Rick


Yes - you’re right. Something at the back of my mind was telling me that we did once have a problem, but that we don’t usually, but I couldn’t think of it. Yes, you had to drop the /P. In fact ISTR I sent you a free text message in Tx5 along the lines of “DROP THE /P” before we completed the QSO!

Yes, I found something online saying this earlier this afternoon - just about to try it now…

…works great on WSJT-Z v2.3.0 on my PC, but doesn’t work on WSJT-Z v2.5.0 on my Windows 10 tablet.

Confused by that, but no time to check it further now as I’ve got some pressing work to do.

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Looking forward to hopefully making some FT4/8 S2S and chaser contacts tomorrow. I’ve sort of rigged something up at home, so hoping it’ll work on the summit - not tested yet :rofl: I’m planning to activate data modes on 40/20m. Maybe 2m if I can find my adapter.

73, GW4BML. Ben