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Danger of Massive Rockfall at DL/AL-030, Hochvogel - 2593m

Dear all:

By accident, I found a newspaper report that describes the extreme likelihood of a massive rockfall, caused by the collapse of the summit of DL/AL-030 Hochvogel. They expect 260 000 cubic meters of rock to come down either this year or early next year. Here is the report (in German):

The summit has been activated four times:

@DD1LD on 12 Sep 2018
@DM1LE on 11 Aug 2013
@DL4CW on 20 Aug 2010 and on 09 Oct 2005

So my guess and recommendation is to rule out this summit from the list of potential destinations. Maybe @DD1LD can share his experiences from the ascent in September.

Stay safe!

73 de Martin, DK3IT


Thanks for the heads-up Martin,

I don’t think I would attempt that summit myself but it needs watching, hopefully no one gets hurt when the summit collapses into the valley.I read in the article that some tracks have already been closed and there are warnings that to try to ascend the summit at the moment could have deadly results.

My suspecion would be that after the snows, is the most likely time for it to collapse - with ice in those existing cracks and heavy rains.


Thanks Martin!

I have heard about the crack before but didn’t expect the progress being so quick.
Hopefully all climbers will be extra careful when approaching the summit under these circumstances.

It will be interesting to see what remains after the rockfall…

73, Roman - DL3TU

… there are some videos produced by “Bayerischer Rundfunk” for those who are interested in the fate of Hochvogel.
Even though the language is German, the pictures speak for themselves…

I was standing at the top maybe 25 years ago.

73, Roman - DL3TU

Thanks for the videos - those are very impressive cracks developing on the summit there - directly at the summit! Looks like a LOT of rock will fall soon

In the first video, I hope those guys arranged to meet up later with the young lady they met (at 02:30 in the video) who had suffered a fall, and whom they gave first-aid to. Just to see if she got home alright, of course…