Cymru (that's GW Wales to you) on tour in SE Asia, Aus and NZ

Looks like our “trip of a lifetime” is about to come off. My long suffering wife Sue and I are going to SE Asia, Aus, NZ.

No SOTA in China, Vietnam. or Cambodia.

But I will be in Melbourne and Sydney for a few days, then a fair chunk of time in New Zealand with a hired camper van.

Looks like carrying radio kit will be out, so I am on the scrounge for people who might take pity on a travelling activator and take me up a hill or two in Aus and NZ.

I will have “summer” outdoor gear with me, but not planning to carry Ice Axe etc.

But I won’t have a radio.

No firm plans yet, but expect Aus in October or early November and NZ in November.

You can answer here or PM me if you fancy a day or two out. It could be a virtually drive up summit or a big mountain day, I don’t mind.

If you just fancy a chat and a cuppa that would be great too.

73 Gerald


I am sure we can find a summit to get you up when in Sydney. I have a radio somewhere I’m sure.
Let me know a month or so out when you are arriving, staying etc.
Emaill on QRZ is good to use.

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No SOTA in China yet! :wink:


You’ve got a few months… but then again… I cannot imagine how complicated it would be to get permission to operate there (I haven’t looked at all)

Thanks Compton! Will let you know. My family connections are South of the city around Helensborough.

I don’t know that but the summits team did look into which countries in the APAC regions allow mobile/portable ops for locals never mind visitors. Quite a lot do not allow it all. Which is a shame but it does help us prioritise areas for analysis.

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Rightio. There’s an easy one close by in the Royal National Park and another with a bit of a walk that hasnt been activated yet that I have had my eye on.

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There’s fees to import your radio, fees for a visitors license, and then you can only operate at a fixed station address under supervision of a local licensed amateur. Asia is particularly tough for these sorts of things if you aren’t a native. Indonesia has similar rules.

For VK, have a look at the WIA web site:
and read the pdf at the bottom of the page. Gives you all the information that you need as a visiting amateur in VK.
Peter VK3PF


Thanks Peter and Andrew!

OK, bumping this one up a bit.

Noted Comptons offer above and I’ve also been in touch with Gerard. So Sydney is covered, but seeing some other folk there would still be good.

If any local Activators (or chasers) fancy a meet up I’d be keen to get at least one activation in each region. Probably need to be moderately short (say under two hours walk each way) and I would need to borrow gear as I won’t have anything with me at all. I’m passing through China earlier in the trip and having amateur gear with me might cause problems

Each of these dates are inclusive and are whole days when I am around, not including flights etc.

Melbourne Wed 25 Oct to Mon 30 Oct.
Sydney Wed 1 Nov to Mon 6 Nov
NZ North Island, starting Auckland and picking up a motorhome and heading south to ferry to South Island. Wed 8 Nov to Thu 16 Nov
NZ South Island Thu 16 Nov to Thu 30th Nov. Travelling over a lot of the island and finishing in Christchurch for a flight out.

Comment below or email me on “my callsign” at


Hi Gerald,

Where are you staying in Sydney?

Might be able to set up an after work activation of a local VK2/SYD-00X summit


Hi Compton

Gray’s Point. Will have a car usable on sealed roads only.


Hi Gerald,

We should be able to sort something out.
Suggestions are Mt Kembla VK2/IL-015 and Bulgo Hill VK2/IL-017.
Mt Kembla has the spectacular view being on the edge of the escarpment - and I’ve not yet activated it this year either.
Free around those dates so just have to pick one.

Gerard - VK2IO

I’m following this thread with interest as I will be a couple of weeks behind Gerald.

I’ll be in Sydney for a workshop 13th - 17th November, then I have a few days to explore down towards Canberra and back.


Hi Gerald,

I placed a request on the sota_australia mailing list for you, looks like you have Sydney organised already. Ron VK3AFW said he may be able to help in Melbourne. he has your email address but also may respond here. But not on Facebook.

So I hope that all works out. Those offers are all from experienced and knowledgable activators so you are in good hands.

73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH

Hi Gerald,

I’ve responded via email but also very willing to have a passenger on an activation tour around Melbourne.

The same goes for anyone else visiting Melbourne. A number of summits close by to fill in a day of activation.


Hi Compton, I’ve also messaged Gerard VK2IO.

We are staying in Grays Point.

Been hectic since arriving. I’ve seriously underestimated how much in demand Sue and I are from our large family contingent down here in Sydney. I’m still very keen to see if we can get out though.

I’m stuck with only two time slots now.

Friday morning, ideally to finish up SW of Sydney. Around 15:00 Local time I need to be in Smeaton Grange, Camden to head out for the weekend.

Monday is currently free all day. We head to NZ on Tuesday.


Brian, it was an absolute pleasure to meet up with you on Monday!

Thanks for taking us on a trip up Mt. St. Leonard. I even got to experience some of the famous “4 seasons in one day” weather.

Pics here.


If heading towards Canberra, there are a number of IL summits in the first hour of the trip, easy to activate and not far off the highway.

Just towards Canberra or will you spend some time there too?

73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH