Cymru (that's GW Wales to you) on tour in SE Asia, Aus and NZ

Hi Andrew.

Mt. Alexandra & Mt. Gibraltar? They’re probables on my list. :sunny:

I’ll spend a night or two in / near Canberra, then maybe back up the coast. Things are slightly up in the air as I’ve got to arrange another meeting back in Sydney. Once that’s fixed I should know if there’s time to get any further south.

73, Simon

Yes those are the two I was thinking of. 001 is a driveup, 005 takes about 15mins to walk up and there’s a nice picnic table within the AZ we all use.

In the same area there are others - depends on how much time you have.

Closer to Canberra are a few more 4 point VK2 summits, east of canberra en route to the coast there are some 8 point summits and a 4 point summit right next to Braidwood where there is a good bakery for the energy you need.

In Canberra there are 3 single point driveup summits and 4 or 5 walkup one pointers. Further into the vk1 bushland there are more points available but at a price in terms of time and energy.


Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Thanks for all the calls at Mt Kembla VK2/IL-015 yesterday, also VKFF-1329.
I made 17 contacts (9x20m, 7x40m, 1x2m, 6xCW).
Gerald VK/M0WML/P made 6 contacts (4x20m, 2x40m).
WX was mild and dry and propagation was reasonable though no DX other than ZL was worked.

Our photos can be found here: “

Thanks to Gerald for allowing me to tag along with “oh by the way, please bring a radio”.
Great day out!

Gerard - VK2IO


which track did you take? I haven’t been to that one yet.

Cracking day Gerard! Thanks so much for picking the hill and letting me use your radio gear. More importantly thanks for your great company on the hill.

Next stop ZL, looking now for ops to share activations on North and South islands in the three weeks from next Wednesday.


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Andrew, there’s only one track to the summit - 3km return and reasonably easy to follow.
The other track is the ring track that encircles the mountain near the bottom - 5km return.
These can be seen on the map in the photo album linked above.

Gerard - VK2IO

ok that makes it simple, thanks!