Coolest line in your SOTA log?

I am sorry for this off-topic post but when I recently worked the extra ordinary call sign OH1PYSYKOTONA, which means something like STAYHOME in Finnish, /P from a summit, I was really wondering if anyone can provide a similar or even more outstanding log line.

I can´t await to see your´s! Just for fun.

73 de Tom, OE9TKH :wink:

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Hi Tom,
That is an impressive callsign…
Not from a SOTA summit, but when activating a VKFF Park:
KH1/KH7Z Baker & Howland Island DXpedition on 29 June 2018 20 m SSB. From memory, I was running 10 W to a ZS6BKW with the apex at about 7 m.
It was a buzz to break the dog pile and make the contact!
Peter VK3PF

:grin: de G6OXYMORON

However to answer your question any DX S2S (VK & N America so far)

Tom and Andy,
I agree - DX S2S contacts are also highlights. So far, DL, DM, JA, LZ and YO.
Just needed to go and check the records for those!

The coolest line in my SOTA - log until now… ?

The s2s with la1ena/p at 30. June 2019 … with this qso I became MG.

73 Armin


Not SOTA but checking the SOTA antenna worked before setting off up the hills. The antenna has a tuned radial and the ground affects it. Changing from Scottish rock to Canaries Islands lava changes the setup and I wanted to check I knew how to set it up.

Trip to the beach along from the hotel in EA8 Lanzarote, Buddistick clone, 20m FT 817.

First QSO was with E51KIK in Rarotonga 16400kms distant, 5W SSB

I didn’t work anything so impressive when away from the beach however.


My Best Day was on Drygarn Fawr (GW/MW-003)

Suddenly out of the blue, Tropo happened!

5 watts, 4 ele DK7ZB and working from Wales to Germany on 2m SSB!

2012 - the days when SOTA 2m SSB was a norm, now very much a rarity.


Wow Andy, I believe we can close this thread now :wink:

Not even close, but half-way there: my coolest line is QSO with KI6EAB in Monterrey, California, on 20m, about 9400 km away from EA8/TF-005. He gave me 57. I was using FT-817 and a dipole. But I believe he must have had serius amount of aluminium in the air on his side.

I think this thread has developed into two different contexts. No matter - “topic drift” is good - and interesting! I will attempt to respond in both the original context and the added one!

OK - unusually long callsigns. Well I have several in my log of 12 characters - arguably the coolest of which is:

IS0/OE9HRV/P - S2S - G/SP-013 to IS0/IS-301 - 23 July 2014, 20m SSB @OE9HRV

The longest callsigns worked from activations without the CEPT prefixes or /P are:

OE2013SNL - from G/SP-013 - 30m CW - 5 Feb 2013
GW100RSGB - from G/SP-015 - 2m FM - 24 Aug 2013
RT110RAEM - from G/SP-015 - 12m SSB - 14 Dec 2013
RQ110RAEM - from G/SP-015 - 12m SSB - 25 Dec 2013
RK110RAEM - from G/SP-015 - 12m CW - 26 Dec 2013
RY110RAEM - from G/SP-015 - 12m CW - 28 Dec 2013
EM110RAEM - from G/SP-004 - 12m CW - 29 Dec 2013
RL110RAEM - from G/SP-013 - 12m CW - 31 Dec 2013

And now to the most memorable S2S QSOs:

GW4GTE/P - from G/SP-004 to GW/NW-049 - 2m FM - 7th Sep 2002 - my very 1st activator QSO
DL4MFM/P - from G/SP-015 to DM/NW-148 - 2m SSB - 29 Dec 2019 - VHF S2S into Germany @DL4MFM
DF2GN/P - from G/SP-015 to DM/BW-038 - 20m PSK31 - 30 Apr 2013 - my 1st S2S on DATA @DF2GN
VK1MA/P - from G/SP-013 - VK1/AC-035 - 12m SSB - 23 Nov 2013 - my 1st S2S into VK @VK1MA
F5LKW/P - from G/SP-015 - F/AM-337 - 30m FT8 - 22 Feb 2019 - my 1st S2S on FT8 @F5LKW
WO6M - from G/SP-015 - W6/CT-136 - 10m CW - 29 Oct 2012 - my 1st S2S into the West Coast @WO6M

VK2DAG - from G/SP-015 - 12m PSK31 - 28 Dec 2013 - my 1st DATA contact into VK
VK3AFW - from G/SP-015 - 30m FT8 - 19 Apr 2019 - my 1st FT8 contact into VK
FK8IK - from G/SP-015 - 12m SSB - 10 Mar 2014 - New Caledonia - still probably my best QSO from an activation!

Compiling this response makes me remember how (relatively) decent the propagation was around 2012/2013!

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Nice log Matt. I too would say a session on 2m SSB from the island of Hoy includes my coolest line… I caught a duct which tracked southwards and it was fitting that Don G0RQL was the furthest contact… as indeed he often is. :grinning:

Log extract -

Some other pretty cool logs with firsts for S2S :grinning:

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My ‘coolest’ line in my SOTA log was RA1M/MM (MV Scagafoss) is a little more modest. I was operating CW from the Lake District G/LD-008 and he was somewhere off the west coast of Africa. He was an ex Merchant marine RO and when CW ended at sea he retrained and was now a Captain! He was using a whip aerial and only 5 watts on 14mhz!

It’s the salt water as you no doubt remember from your RN days.

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Two days ago I worked OH7STAY on 14.058 MHz, just below the usual 20m SOTA frequencies. I could not find any reference to this call on Google or usual ham websites.

73, Al N1AW

Not a long call sign, or even all that unique, but my first DX S2S was during one of my first activations, and it has coolness factor in my log due to the arrows and stars next to the entry. Working EA2GM with 5W S2S was certainly a gas!


Ok…I am cheating a bit here (and showing my age)…hard to pick just one line in my log I am fondest of…

This contact/cool call sign was from a current Arizona SOTA summit (way before SOTA was created). We were on a Six Meter mountain topping DXpedition looking for rare 6M DX. N7AMA and myself were using a portable ground mounted yagi antenna, an ICOM 706, and a 12V deep cycle battery. So all operating conditions per current SOTA rules.

We worked VR200PI/JR who was operating a special event station on Pitcairn Island on Six Meters. The 200 year anniversary of the landing on Pitcairn Island as I recall. Also worked KH6, ZL1/2/7, FK8, and 3D2 that day on 6M from the same summit.

My coolest SOTA DX s2s contact call sign has to be S57X/P back in November 1, 2013 from W7A/CS-031.

My coolest looking SOTA log has to be my W7A/MN-070, November 21, 2018…21 Europe stations worked including s2s contacts with 9A and DL.

I am also fond of my longest, and coolest s2s QSO’s ever with VK2IO/P…12589 KM…on 17 and 20 meters from W7A/CS-026 on the same day.

So to sum it up I think that SOTA is really the “coolest” in many ways.


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It’s so hard to choose!

I’ve singled out three QSOs that were memorable not for the QSO itself but by the means they were achieved.

The first of my ‘cool’ QSOs was with Barry N1EU.
I had started taking part in the LA1KHA 9V QRPp Challenge, all the people taking part had settled on 10MHz as the optimum band. Tom M1EYP said that he was convinced that 20m would be a better band to score more QSOs for the Challenge due to all the WWFF chasers on that band. I embarked on a project to build a RockMite 20 from a K1SWL kit, but modified for low voltage and low current operation. I code named the project ‘Project 44’.

In mid August 2012, ‘Project 44’ was ready for it’s first on-air test. I’d tested the rig into a dummy load but not actually into an antenna.

After a short CQ call from the summit of Great Whernside G/NP-008 on 11th August 2012, Project 44 scored it’s first ever QSO at 1047utc on 20m. Powered by a standard PP3 battery, my 89mW signal made it all the way to Barry N1EU, near Albany, New York. I worked out the QSO at 36,000 miles per watt - I have a certificate from QRP-ARCI on my shack wall.

Project 44

Cool QSO number two was on the morning of 28th February 2015. I’d been inspired by the Soldersmoke podcast to have a go at building my own SSB transceiver. The SOTA crowd had been having QSOs between EU and Australia early in the morning during February on 20m (long path). I had just finished boxing up my scratch built SSB transceiver and I thought it would be cool to try it out from a SOTA summit. I ascended Sharp Haw G/NP-029 and put my new rig on air to my SOTA dipole. I worked a few EU stations and then I was in a state of shock as I heard VK1DI calling me. I really couldn’t believe it! I think somewhere there is a video of me punching the air with elation. I ended up working a few VK stations. I actually think it’s my proudest ever achievement in ham radio- building a voice rig from scratch and working VK with it, I can’t ever see me beating that.


Cool QSO number 3 was with Barry N1EU once again. It was January 28th 2017, I’d just finished building a RockMite 20 with a gas soldering iron on the summit of Whernside G/NP-004, when Barry N1EU responded to my initial CQ call. I worked 3 more stations to earn my activator points which meant I had made Mountain Goat. The story ended going viral, I’m still known as that guy who built a rig on the hill!

73, Colin


Yes, that really is cool - I remember being seriously impressed when you first posted this.

Totally agree James !! Small callsigns, but big QSO that we will remember. Now from home confinement, how much we miss the freedom to climb a summit, to breathe fresh air, to check whether our operational cw skill are improving, with the illusion of raising the antenna that we have created with our hands … When all this comes together and you get such exciting S2S as this one that you comment… Maybe they are moments of true happiness in life !!!

Views of the city of Oviedo coming down from EA1/AT-208, just the summit of the S2S.

Best 73!! and take care!!!