Congratulations to Martha MW3MBL for completing her first SOTA summit which was also a unique

Congratulations to Martha MW3MBL who completed her first SOTA summit on the Island of Lewis using the call sign MM3MBL/p :tada:

Muirneag GM/SI-182

It wasn’t just her first summit, it was also a unique which has never been activated before - a fair slog to reach the top for sure!!!

Below is the route taken, approximately 3.8 miles to summit dodging all the peat bogs, streams and lochs scattered all over the place. The ground was extremely boggy, in times up to the knees!

Well done Martha :+1::+1::+1:

73, Ben :grinning:


Congratulations Martha :champagne::champagne:.

A wonderful achievement of doing the double and thank you for the contact from the summit. Welcome to amateur radio with your brand new callsign and to the crazy world of SOTA which you already know about🤣. Looking forward to getting you s2s soon if you can get the microphone or key away from Ben🤔.

73 & 88 Allan

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Well done - probably worth saying that not all one pointers are quite that difficult!


Martha. Very Many Congratulations, for your first SOTA Activation and Unique Summit. May there be Many, Many More to come. 73 de Paul M0CQE.

Martha, Congratulation to both! What a fine start for SOTA. Not so easy to find a unactivated summit I think.

73, Ludwig

Well done Marttha, a great achievement ; welcome to the the fraternity.

cheers :clinking_glasses:

Geoff vk3sq

Well done Martha, Certainly not an easy one to start your SOTA Career!

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Congratulations Martha, now you are on a roll & look forward to working you at some point.


Well done Martha

73jon m0hem

Well done Martha,
Good to start with the hard ones. I bet it was quiet on the summit.

Regards David

Congratulations Martha. Delighted for you. Time to get Lyra studying the manuals next now… :rofl:
Hope to work you soon. 73 Mike

Congratulations Martha!

73 de VE6JTW

Congratulations Martha on firstly passing your Foundation Licence Exam, activating a SOTA summit for the first time ever and your first ever SOTA activation being an un-activated SOTA summit which you were the first ever SOTA activator for.

Jimmy M0HGY


Well done Martha, I look forward to our first S2S…



Congratulations Martha. Celtic raiders into Norse lands! :wales:🇳🇴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Congratulations Martha - what a way to start a distinguished (well, it’s sure to be!) SOTA career. All you have to do now is to speed up when nearing the summit, set up quickly and bag the first contact before Ben gets there!! I did wonder whether the lone 2m contact from MM3MBL that he had got on the last 2 hills was in fact you back at ‘base’ but I had to wait to make sure. I look forward to many s2s with you but, I promise you, I’ll be choosing easier summits than that one - and I am fairly sure you will be too as, surely, not many are as hard work as that!
73 Viki