Common Sense

Just picked up on a piece of common sense on the Scottish Mountain Rescue website. Let’s hope they don’t have to attend any incidents involving persons affected with the virus.


Sound advice indeed. I plan to continue activating within the current guidelines as update by HMG .



The same applies here in Norway, you are requested to not put yourself in a situation where you may need to be rescued. That means that most SOTA summits near here are basically unavailable as of now :confused:

The UK Mountain Rescue post says don’t take “unnecessary risks” when going into the hills.

I’m not sure walking up a hill is taking an unnecessary risk in the scheme of things. Its a lot safer than going to the shops with other folk.


I think perhaps going up Ben Nevis in your flipflops is to be avoided.

I’ve seen it done, amazingly! I once saw three girls attempting Crib Goch in high heeled sandals, I think they turned back where the walk becomes a scramble…

Yeah, a small hill is no issue, and the government actually encourages people to go hiking / camping now.

Going to a mountain where there’s no cellphone coverage and large amounts of free-climbing is more of an issue, or going skiing in a blizzard and get lost like some very smart people here did yesterday.

There are few hills near me that I consider risk-free, and many I would consider having high risk due to the amount of vertical or near-vertical walls that you must ascend to get to the summit.

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Horses for courses. I had decades of rock climbing and never fell, experience and awareness of your own limitations helps keep you safe. If everything stops because of fear - and dare I say hysteria? - then we won’t be living, we will be existing.