Colwyn MM0YCJ 5x MG!

Well done Colwyn! 5x Mountain Goat!
A magnificent achievement!
Looking forward to a joint activation when you are back in Scotland.



Well done Colwyn.73 Don.G0RQL.

Amazing, Colwyn.
Well done.

Amazing Achievement well done
73 Paul

Congrats Colwyn. Thanks for all the summits along the way.

73 Allan

Thanks Adrian. Saw a small herd of mountain goats today on HB/VS-109, Mont Bonvin 2994m. Must be a sign!

Took 16 months to accrue the points for this most recent mountain goat. Three new association; Mallorca, Iceland and Faroes. Enjoying an extended trip in Switzerland and see you in September.



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Congratulations Colwyn on achieving 5 x Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Absolutely outstanding Colwyn! It was good to have a S2S contact with you today on HB/VS-109. I have some way to go to get a single goat, but hey. I raise my hat to you.

73 Andrew G4AFI

Thanks Don,

I’ll have a close look at my log when I get back down from the hills but I think you are my number 1 chaser. I couldn’t have done it without you, and all of the other contacts of course.




And thanks for the contact today on 20m.


That does not surprise me at all - Don has been top of my list for years.

Very congratulations, Colwyn.
You are an activating machine!!!


Gongrats Colwyn, 5x Mountain Goat…

in3adf markus

Thanks Andrew. Good to get that S2S yesterday. Hope you also had sunshine on FL/ VO-081. Thanks for all of the QSOs.



Well done. Amazing achievement. Thanks for the S2Ses and for your encouragement when we have chased you while struggling up Scottish hills. Hope for some more contacts on our next GM trip next month.

Congratulations, Colwyn!
You have come a long way since our first contact; MM6YCJ/P on 10 Feb 2010 when you were on GM/SS-125 Scald Law… !

Hi Rod,

looks like G0RQL features 265 times in my SOTA log from my 851 summits (for 5004 points). That is a 31% success rate for QSOs.



Thanks Allan,

Always great to hear you from those Welsh summits.

I also activated in EA2 (North Spain) and EA3 (Catalunya) for the first time during my fifth Mountain Goatdom (as well as Mallorca, Iceland and Faroes). Sorry for the error.


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Absolutely outstanding Colwyn, achieving 5 x Mountain Goat!

Thanks Guru,

your many QSOs and especially the summit-2-summit contacts have helped me become an, “activating machine.”

The activating machine was developed and built by Cyberdyne systems (Cyber Dynamic systems) and this example went active on 17/01/2011. The Cyberdyne Systems Series Autonomous Activator Mountain Goat 500, nicknamed AAMG5 model.


The AAMG5 is a type of cybernetic organism mass-produced by Skynet. It has living, cloned synthetic tissue over a hyperalloy endoskeleton. It is similar to the earlier T800 Terminator models from which it was refined. SOTAWATCH suggests that there are a number of Cyberdyne AAMG5 activators currently active.


The AAMG5 internal fuel cell lifetime design specification was a minimum of 5000 activator points. The reliability of the MG5 fuel cell is currently unknown, but with a planned mean of 5000 activator points and two standard deviations, this should allow close to 10,000 points before performance diminishes. However, the long term results await analysis!

The AAMG5 is one of the few non-offensive synthetic organisms produced by Cyberdyne Systems, although this is challenged as untrue by many who have got to know the AAMG5s, and who consider them very offensive, especially their walking boots! Purely for self defence the AAMG5s armaments included a sharp tongue and a cutting wit.

The AAMG5 has a Neural Net Processor CPU, contained within the endoskull and is protected by inertial shock dampers. The CPU, developed by Cyberdyne Systems, is one of the least powerful microprocessors ever built. As part of its limited internal databases, the AAMG5 contains detailed files on Band Plans and CEPT regulations. Some AAMG5s are morse code capable, although this design feature was not universal. Directly accessing Skynet allows the AAMG5s to talk at length on any subject, and to write rubbish about old sci-fi films while activating HB/VS-206.