Colwyn MM0YCJ 5x MG!

Well mines is just about all spent, but a little in reserve for those last 6 SS’s. Almost there, when I get some time from paperwork (amateur and curling - hi!).

And well done those Scottish legs - they’ve done you proud. Any oil changes between the K’s (:>?



I take my hat off to you Sir.


Well done.
Ken, K6HPX

Thanks Caroline,

always good to hear you and Martyn on the hills. Looking forward to the next S2S.



Thanks Ken,

both you and Christine star in my top ten chasers so many many thanks for all the contacts, whether in The Pentlands or overseas. Thanks also the help and advice you have given me over the years (Goats?)

Looking forward to trying out that lightweight Moxon you built and very envious about your new motorhome.



Thanks Clyde,

always keen on transatlantic contacts. So I’ll be out again soon.



Conrats Colwyn. That is a truly noteworthy and hard earned accomplishment!
Mike NS1TA

Thanks Jack,

I try to stay well oiled, but not too well oiled!

Thanks for all of the QSOs, especially the S2S. Let me know when the final SS is planned.



Well done Colwyn on your 5th goat. I’ll be in HB0 tomorrow (just setting up the tent) and probably heading into into HB9 a few days later, possibly in the Interlaken area. PM me if you want to hook-up.
73 de DL/OE6FEG/P

Congratulations Colwyn!

73 de KR7RK

Congratulations Colwyn! Looking forward to the pleasure of working you some day!

Paul K9PM

Colwyn, 5x MG is quite a fantastic achievement; congratulations 5x over!

72, Woody/K1LB

Thanks to everyone for all of your kind comments. However, the real thanks must go to my partner Ann, who often comments that I continue to “act the goat!”

A few details and statistics!

My 5000th point was gained on the first activation of a Swiss summit, HB/VD-008 (Petit Muveran) on the 14th August 2019. I found the ascent dangerous because of steep, loose rock and I do not recommend climbing the peak. However, once on the summit of Le Petit Muveran, it was a lovely day and I was able to sit comfortably in the sunshine during the activation; but concerned about surviving the exposed scramble back down!

There are 2619 different call signs in my activator log, although a small number are duplicates when mobile/portable/etc, and I found a few errors which I corrected (and there will be others I know), so I have contacts with just over 2600 people. A big thanks to everyone I have spoken with since January 2011; long may it continue.

As I only use voice the split is 1941 QSOs on FM and 7770 on SSB. It is great to speak to chasers across Europe and I have occasional transatlantic contacts, which are always a pleasure. However, my QSO with Paul, VK5PAS, in South Australia was special and two QSOs, on consecutive nights with ZL1BYZ from Switzerland to Auckland in January 2017 on 14MHz stand out. I have also spoken with an Antarctic station (Palmer Station), although I was 56 degrees south on Two Sisters (VP8/EF-013) on The Falkland Islands at the time!

From the start of my activation career I have used the same FT817 and a VX7 both blasting out 5 watts. I never invested in a lightweight ATU so relied on resonant inverted-V dipoles; this explains why so many of my early activations were single band. I then bought an Elecraft KX2 (10 watts and internal ATU), but having experienced early microphone problems, I often still carry the FT817 as a back-up. So much for trying to lighten the load! I am currently on my seventh telescopic fishing pole.

My thanks go to all of the chasers with whom I have spoken. It is a joy (and often a big relief) to speak to you all. My top 10 chasers are Don (G0RQL on 265 QSOs). It is always a pleasure to hear from Don, also reassuring that all is well with the World! Manuel (EA2DT with 220 QSOs) is a welcome regular. Next is a second regular Spanish station Pedro (EA2CKX on 218 QSOs). Robin, who coincidentally we once met on a Scottish summit by accident (GM7PKT/P on 99 summit-2-summit QSOs, plus 13 mobile and 16 base QSOs, a total of 128, but most of those with Robin being summit to summit contacts). Ken, who also lives in Edinburgh (GM0AXY) on 117, has been my local radio expert, mentor and he keeps me up-to-date reporting the conditions and weather at home to help me while activating. Michael (DJ5AV) with 101, Mick from Manchester (M0MDA on 97). Ken (G0FEX) with 95 QSOs, Terry (G0VWP) on 94 and Christine also in Edinburgh (GM4YMM) with 90 QSOs.

There are 501 summit-2-summit contacts in my log, 98 of them with Robin (GM7PKT/P).

Many, many thanks again to everyone for all of your support and help. If you do hear me calling CQ, please try to get through to me. I also welcome all chaser SPOTS on Sotawatch to increase my average QSO rate.

73s and I hope to speak to you all further down the log.


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