Climbing Devils Thumb in Far North QLD discouraged

Key points:

  • The summit of Devil’s Thumb in the Daintree is sacred to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people
  • A licensed tour operator has decided to stop taking groups to the site, despite holding a permit
  • Access has not yet been restricted but traditional owners ask visitors to respect their wishes

The summit ref is VK4/NT-007.


If you could add a SOTA reference then it would be easier to identify the summit.
And add a note at the respective summits info page

Otherwise this information will be not found.

I guess that’s the one:

73 Joe


Thanks Joe, yes that is the one. I have links on the summit’s page and have added the summit ref to the note on the reflector.


I’ve climbed St Peters in Rome one of the most sacred buildings on Earth and so have a million others so I have no comprehension of how declaring a peak sacred and off limits achieves anything positive.

Was the Tour Operator pressured or did he refuse to pay a fee/head?

Are the locals at Uluru better off for banning climbing there?

These affairs are multilayered like an onion and it doesn’t always taste better deeper in.


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Climbing St Peters in Rome does not appear to offend anyone or go against the beliefs, customs or practices of the Church.

It would appear that climbing the Devils Thumb might just might offend the original inhabitants of Australia.

The avoidance of offending someone, or some people, is surely a positive thing - wouldn’t you agree?

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No, sorry, I don’t agree. It’s not an immutable rule. Being nice to Mr Hitler didn’t work. There are many mini power seekers in the World and many misguided enablers.

When someone invokes religion to control the populace it requires very close inspection and if it is merely to exert control by a few then giving offence is the very least that can be done.

I’ve met many Aboriginals in many places and their diversity and knowledge is amazing. The sole ownership of a site is not high on their agenda. Mostly they are focussed on family and extended family. Their heritage is important but there is more emphasis on spiritual than physical things.

Aboriginal Rights is a contentious and complex issue.
It’s uncannily like the proverbial Curates egg.

Just my view if course.