Chris DL1CR has over 10,000 S2S points

Some things happen fast… but actually they don’t…

But from the beginning:

Many of you know Chris @DL1CR. He can be heard almost exclusively on the summits of the northern low mountain ranges… (and of course you know him from the reflector.)

These mountains have only 1 or 2 points… not exactly something to achieve the Mountaingoat status.

But there are other targets. Chris is very often active and meanwhile he has over 10.000 S2S points. Thus he is in Germany the 3rd, who exceeded these 10,000 points.

This is even more remarkable, because for the S2S points the points of the own summit also count. And this number of points is not really high for him. That is why he needed so many QSOs.

The other day I looked at the list and he was still well below 10,000 points. He was very active in the last days.

Dear Chris: Congratulations for this remarkable achievement!

I am happy about every qso with you.

73 Armin


Hi Chris,

Chapeau bas !!!
Many thanks for S2S QSOs :beers:

73, Jarek

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Hallo Chris,
Gratuliere zu dieser Leistung.
Bis Demnächst S2S :champagne:
73 Heinrich

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Congratulations Chris! And thanks for the many S2S during my first five years in SOTA!
73 Fabio

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Super Chris!! Freue mich auf weitere QSOs mit dir.

vy 73 de Leo I/DL2COM/p

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Congratulations Chris and thanks for the S2S QSOs this year.

I look forward to our next QSOs.

73, Colin

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Congratulations Chris and thanks for the S2S. I’m excited to be almost on 1000 S2S so 10000 is good going!

73 Richard


Well done Chris, congratulations. 73 Don.G0RQL.

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Congratulations Chris. Thanks for s2s along your journey. 73 Allan GW4VPX

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Hi Chris @DL1CR. A nice success or milestone you have reached! Thank you for the many S2S QSOs. I look forward to the coming ones.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Hallo Chris

Herzliche Gratulation zu deiner erreichten Dekade bei den S2S-Punkten. Uns sind auch schon verschiedene S2S gelungen, deshalb freut es mich, dass auch einige Punkte von meinen aktivierten Bergen dabei sein dürften. Allgemein freut es mich natürlich immer wieder, wenn ich deine Stimme aus meinem Funkgerät höre.

Weiterhin viel Spass, mach weiter so und ich freue mich auf unser nächstes S2S.
Vy73 de Robert, HB9OME

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Hallo Chris

Schön, dass Armin das gemerkt hat, gratuliere zu diesem Meilenstein. Freut mich immer, deine Stimme zu hören und auch ein paar Worte mehr als üblich zu wechseln, wenn Zeit und Bedingungen es zulassen. Wünsche dir viele weitere schöne “moments of happiness” – es soll dir gut tun! Danke für deine vielen Text- und Video-Beiträge.

Cu und vy 73,
Markus HB9DIZ

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Dear Sota family,
I am pleased that my personal goal of reaching 10000 S2S points has not remained undiscovered thanks to Armin.

Thank you for your congratulations.

A significant part of my motivation are the many very nice contacts and pleasant among the activists and chasers, which I cannot list all of them.

The fact that it worked so quickly is because I’ve been grabbing the key lately and have lost my fear of cw.

The patient telegraph operator helped a lot. In addition to many, I think of Lars, SA4BLM.

I haven’t forgotten either that Jürg HB9BIN told me years ago in qso: “You can always call me in cw, no matter how fast and precise you give”.

73 Chris


Well done, Chris! Now go and get Michael!



Excellent achievement!

73s Ingo

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Congratulations Chris and it’s always nice to have a S2S with you!
Enjoy your activations.

73 Stephan

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Congratulations @DL1CR Chris! This takes some doing :slight_smile:

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Vielen Dank für viele S2S Verbindungen Chris.

Viel Gesundheit und Spass am Hobby.

73 Michael DC8YZ

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Hallo Chris,
Gratulation zum Meilenstein und die kürzlichen S2S.

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Congratulations Chris @DL1CR. A great result and a target for us all!

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