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Chomping of the bit finally over

The RSGB cert has arrived and guess whom been on Ofcom’s web site and got me licence sorted out :-))))))

So come end of the year M3FEH will cease to air as from Dec 31st 2018 and will be last day be heard using that call and will fall silent after nearly 18 years.

From Jan 1st 2019 The 2E0FEH call will replace it.

Going to end the year using me old call under the Foundation licence conditions of course and begin the new year with new call and new Licencing conditions.

A very happy chappy
Currently M3FEH till 31/12/18



Hi Karl,
Well done in getting the same suffix as your M3. Hopefully chasing will be a bit easier for you as you crank up the power to 50W.

Happy Christmas,
Andrew G4AFI


Hi Karl
Don’t let the power get to you Hi.
Cheers Ken G0FEX


Hi Karl,
it will be interesting to see whether you find 7db more power makes much difference.
My betting is it will be months before you stop announcing your old callsign.
hope to work you again soon, anyway.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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I agree with Andrew, your old call is burnt into your brain, like the year date when filling in cheques. Well done.Karl.

Regards David

G0EVV (ne G6IIA)

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Are they still a thing?


Congratulations again Karl on the new callsign!


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I remember my mam used to use those things! :slight_smile:

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Used to be a status symbol flashing your chequebook… not any more!

73 Phil

We still have milk delivered to our door and pay the milkman by cheque. That’s Shropshire for you! :smile:

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We have milk delivered… it’s so civilised. But we now pay directly into his account at the milkman’s request.

Congrats again Karl.

Look forward to working you as M3FEH for the last time from a summit on December 26th. and then with your 2E0FEH call on January 1st from a different summit.

73 Ed.

You don’t have your own cow? Things have moved on there.


Well done Karl, Glad to see you managed to get your suffix letters
on the 2E0 call.

Best 73 Dave

Nice one Karl! Hope you don’t have a slip of the tongue when you use the new call on air. :upside_down_face:

All the best for 2019. I hope to work you sometime during the year.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Guaranteed :grin:

I would guess all UK amateurs operating in a different part of the UK have made that slip - I have!

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milkman, is that still a thing?

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I’ll have to cheque…

But let’s not detract from Karl’s news - looking forward to hearing / working the new callsign!


Good on getting the old suffix Karl,look forward to hearing you don’t give it to much of all that increased welly,I am not far from you! 73 Don.

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@Karl, I don’t know how you can sit on the new callsign and not use it for the next 10 days or so. I’d have it on the air within 10 minutes! There is much strength in this one!

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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