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Chaser my shack (2e0lkc)

hi all thanks excepting me I am a avid chaser and I just thought I would put up some pictures of the shack comments welcome there also will be pics of my xyl anne 2e0lmd ![100_0063|666x500] (upload://5eHZldFRW3ErDSrcgBqbHM71jLq.JPG)![100_1153|375x500] (upload://lU4BIrNRkxtO8jwkCccDTSIVK8W.JPG)

the radios are yaesu 897d 857d and a ft840
the antennas from left to right are a comet cha250B multi band recommend this to ant one brilliant antenna
and a comet gp9 2m 70cm and a sirio 4m more pics on my qrz. com page

there are numerous hand held 2m/70cm yaesu vx8 complete with gprs ect alnico gj7 icom c50 destar 2m/70cm 2pmrs 1dmr which are not shown icom scanner anyton 4m
yaesu md 200 desk mike
helicom head set and mike
a Lucas 20 hour rechargeable battery thanks mike 2e0yyy
yaesu 101e full working order
icom rc I 70 receiver
Treo ts700 also in full working order
have moved the Treo and the 480 there now but still got the trio
and last but not least SOOTY THE CAT

Awesome Set-up!

Hi Peter,
Thanks for sharing this with us.
You probably didn’t know it but there was a thread for chasers to show their station and I think it would be great if you could include yours into this existing one:

Best 73,


Hi Peter and Anne,

Nice to see your shack, it looks good - and thanks for all the QSOs.

I look forward to many more :smile:


hi all thanks for the comments you will be herein more from me and my xyl Ann 2e0lmd we usually sit in the garden in summer with the radio out side so there’s more to come thanks to all the activators